Unit Updates, December 2018

Welcome to the UNIT Updates webpage where UNIT will display monthly updates on services and solutions, projects, new UNIT initiatives and relevant UNIT information for the Villanova Community.  Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for future issues. 


Unit Updates

Banner 9 Upgrade

UNIT is excited to announce that our campus will be upgrading to Banner 9 this month, December 2018.  Banner 9 is Ellucian’s latest version of the administrative computing software which delivers a number of important enhancements, additional functionality, and a modern user interface.  For more information, important FAQ, training schedule registration and more, please visit:  http://bannerupgrade.villanova.edu

Unit Updates

The Laboratory for Advancement of Interdisciplinary Research (LAIR)

UNIT’s Classroom Technologies team partnered with members from FMO and the Villanova School of Business to provide a unique collaborative space in Bartley Hall called The Laboratory for Advancement of Interdisciplinary Research (LAIR).  Working side by side with FMO, UNIT coordinated infrastructure installation, proper placement of equipment and programming of the AV system.  The LAIR provides a physical space for VSB faculty and students to conduct research studies using surveys, interviews, focus groups and other primary sources. The LAIR will also serve as a resource for course projects that require primary data collection and support other activities that call for cutting-edge research practices. Capabilities of the Lab include:

  • Audio and visual recording equipment for data collection
  • A main area where participants will participate in research studies with an adjacent room for researcher controls such as a central computer and intercom system.
  • Mobile tables and chairs, allowing for researchers to have participants sit in any desired arrangement.
Unit Updates

IT Support for 30th Annual Fall Festival

UNIT provided the following technical services and support to the 30th Annual Fall Festival held in November this year:

  • UNIT’s Instructional Technologies Team utilizing Bartley Hall Mediasite Studio live-streamed the Fall Festival’s opening and closing ceremonies from the Finneran Pavilion and Jake Nevin Fieldhouse viewed at over 170+ live viewer locations.
  • The Wildcard Team provided Special Olympics volunteers with necessary card access for Special Olympics events, including creation of access cards to allow for ease of access through parking gates and other locations across campus. In addition, Special Olympics members used Wildcard enabled Nexus tablets for fundraising in the weeks leading up to the event as well as for attendance purposes during Special Olympics weekend.
  • UNIT’s ETS Team provided Network, Technical Support and Equipment leading up to and during the event. Including Network support, specialized access to Villanova’s mobile networks and access, set up and support of laptops, monitors and printers.
Unit Updates

PC Refresh 2019--Coming Soon!

The 2019 PC Refresh is a campus-wide initiative and we need your assistance in order to meet the planned project timeline!  Beginning spring 2019 (eligible full-time staff) and summer 2019 (eligible full-time faculty), all primary laptops and desktops will be replaced with a new computer and an upgraded software suite. The University’s timeframe is as follows:

  • Administrative departments: March 18 – April 19, 2019
  • Academic departments:  May 20 – June 7, 2019

We invite you watch a short video explaining the 2019 PC Refresh. The video gives an overview of the project, timeline, faculty and staff PC makes and models, FAQs, and other important information.  An informational video and more project detail is available here:http://pcrefresh.villanova.edu

Unit Updates

Blackboard Winter Upgrade--December 2018

Beginning on December 26th at 3:30AM/EST, Blackboard will be unavailable due to a system upgrade. All courses in the following terms to be archived: Spring16, Summer16, Fall16.  These courses will be stored offline for a period of five years. The policy for Blackboard courses can be found here.

New/Updated Features:

Recording Feedback:  An instructor/grader can create personalized feedback recordings (audio only or video & audio) for individual gradable item attempts or manual gradebook items.  Example, you can create feedback recordings when grading an assignment or discussion board, providing feedback within an assessment in the area or gradebookk column.  Each recording can be up to 5 minutes long and can either audio or include video as well.  Feedback recordings are viewable to students as they view grading feedback with Blackboard.  Click Here for instructions on using Recording Feedback.  

Adding files from Cloud Storage (Google Drive, Dropbox) (OneDrive-Coming Soon):  Instructors and students can access their preferred cloud storage accounts (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box) (OneDrive – Coming Soon) within Blackboard, specifically within the Assignment and Content Items areas.  When you add a file from cloud storage, the system makes a copy of the file in your course.  For more information on how to link your Cloud Storage account with Blackboard, please visit this site.  Note: The integration between Blackboard and Microsoft OneDrive is being worked on.

For more information on the Winter Upgrade and New/Updated Features, please visit our Blackboard Winter Upgrade website here.


Unit Updates

IT Security: Disposing of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices store far more sensitive data than you may realize. Typical information can include:

  • Personal Information & Address Book
  • Call, Text, Multimedia history
  • Social Media 
  • Web browsing history, search history, cookies, and cached pages
  • Personal photos, videos, audio recordings, and emails
  • Stored passwords and access to personal accounts, such as your online bank or email

Regardless of how you dispose of your mobile device, you need to be sure to erase all sensitive information.  This process is called wiping the device. This overwrites the information, ensuring it cannot be recovered or rendering  it unrecoverable.  Before you wipe all of your data, you most likely want to back it up first. The easiest way to securely wipe your device is use its “factory reset” function.

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