Unit Updates, August 2018

Welcome to the UNIT Updates webpage where UNIT will display monthly updates on services and solutions, projects, new UNIT initiatives and relevant UNIT information for the Villanova Community.  Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for future issues. 


Unit Updates

UNIT's Fall Start Up Services

Welcome Class of 2022 and Welcome back to the rest of the Villanova Community! UNIT offers the following technology and services to Students, Faculty and Staff to assist in starting the Fall 2018 Semester:

Freshmen and Upperclassmen Move In - UNIT’s TechZone now located in Falvey Hall (located on the main floor of Falvey Library) will be open for extended hours for move-in the weekend of 8/24. Additionally, the TechZone will operate a satellite location on South Campus to assist setting up and connecting technology for Freshmen move in day. Student Technology Information and College specific technology requirements can be found HERE

UNIT’s Faculty Service Offerings – UNIT’s Faculty Service offerings can be found HERE, which outlines UNIT’s Faculty centric services and 'What UNIT can do for you?’.

CEER Engineering Support- A satellite support desk will be open for Engineering College support at the beginning of the semester in CEER, during the semester Engineering Student Support will be based out of the TechZone@Falvey.

Additionally, all users can call the Helpdesk at 610 519 7777, email at support@villanova.edu, or chat at unit.villanova.edu.  To access the Self Service Help Desk please go HERE review short instructions and to log in.

Unit Updates

NovaNow App

Download the NovaNow app to gain real-time access to the daily dinning menus, class schedules, shuttle schedule, and much more as the Fall Semester begins.  Available for both iOS and Andriod in their respective app stores. For more information, click HERE.

Unit Updates

LMS Evaluation Update

Throughout the Spring ’17 semester, UNIT facilitated an evaluation of Desire2Learn’s Brightspace LMS.  Faculty who evaluated this system as a possible replacement for Blackboard found advantages in uploading materials and managing shared content.  However, several significant challenges were also identified particularly in the areas of grading and student assessment.  The methodology and results of the LMS evaluation can be viewed HERE.  After careful consideration by leadership in both the Office of the Provost and UNIT, it has been determined that the LMS Evaluation should be extended to include a similar evaluation of Canvas (by Instructure) as well as deeper dive into Blackboard’s next generation LMS, Blackboard ULTRA.  A proposed timeline for extending the evaluation can be found HERE.  Throughout the Fall semester UNIT will reconvene the Faculty Guidance Committee and begin preparations for future LMS study. 

Unit Updates

MyNova Guide

MyNova is the searched based portal with access to all applications and information for faculty, staff, and students.  UNIT has overlaid a helpful guide containing information regarding logging in, customizing the portal, and other key aspects to using MyNova upon someone’s first visit.  Visit mynova.villanova.edu and click on, ‘Get to know your portal’ for more information. 

Unit Updates

Summer Classroom Upgrades

UNIT’s Classroom Technologies Team worked collaboratively with FMO in the design, renovation, and installation of numerous areas across Campus that includes 4 new Classrooms, 10 Registrar Classrooms, 1 Lecture Hall, a new Behavioral Lab, Bartley Hall Dean’s Suite, Admissions, and External Operations for Athletics. 

One highlight of the renovations is 7 Classrooms on the second floor of Tolentine Hall; expanding on the feedback from Faculty, Staff and Guests of the “mock up” room from the of summer 2017. Each Classrooms have been equipped with all new infrastructure, AV VLan, Podiums, 90” HD displays, HD cameras, upgraded microphones, Wireless AV, switchers and MediaSite recording capabilities. These Classrooms also received extensive room renovations to include improved acoustical wall and floor coverings to enhance the quality of recorded classes. The renovations have opened up a space, Classrooms 210/214, to accommodate the Counseling Lab, currently in Vasey 203/208, which will be relocated to Tolentine by the Spring semester. 

Unit Updates

IT Security: Smart Home Devices

What Are Smart Home Devices?  Today there are more and more devices connecting to the Internet, from your lightbulbs and speakers to your TV, door locks, and even your car. These connected devices are often called the Internet of Things (IoT) or smart home devices. While these connected devices bring a great deal of convenience, they also bring unique dangers.  The more devices that are connected to your home’s network, the more that can go wrong.  Here are some safe tips with smart devices:

  • Connect Only What You Need
  • Keep Updated: Just like your computer and mobile devices, it is critical to keep any and all of your devices up- to-date. 
  • Know What You Have Connected: Turn off your wireless network and see what is no longer working. 
  • Passwords: Change the passwords on your devices to unique, strong passphrases only you know. 
  • Always Listening: If a device can take your voice commands, it is constantly listening. Your Alexa and Google Home devices can record sensitive conversations. 
  • Guest Network. Consider putting your smart home devices on a separate “Guest” Wi-Fi network rather than the primary Wi-Fi network you use for your computers and mobile devices.

There is no reason to be afraid of new technologies, but do understand the risk they pose. By taking these few, simple steps you can help create a far more secure smart home.

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