Unit Updates, July 2017

Welcome to the UNIT Updates webpage where UNIT will display monthly updates on services and solutions, projects, new UNIT initiatives and relevant UNIT information for the Villanova Community.  Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for future issues.

Unit Updates

myNova Improvements--Coming Soon!

Coming soon...myNova will receive a major technological improvement for the Fall semester.  The new platform, powered by One Campus will feature dynamic search capabilities and will provide the opportunity for additional content to be shared for faculty, staff, students, and other key user groups.  This change will occur in August in preparation for the new academic school year.

Unit Updates

Instructional Technologies Website Redesign

The Instructional Technologies website has been redesigned with a new layout resulting in easier navigation.  The new layout features all of IT services directly on the splash page.  Check it out here!

Unit Updates

Email/Spam Improvements

The UNIT Operations Team has been working to improve functionality with Exchange Online Protection and to reduce SPAM throughout the campus email system.  Here is a summary of the changes recently made:

  • Updated mail flow processes, for better accuracy with delivery and a decrease of SPAM to inboxes. You may notice that the daily Spam Quarantine Daily Digest has fewer messages. 
  • Continued adjustment of SPAM controls to reduce delivery of junk email to user inboxes.
  • Additional whitelisting of University partners to streamline delivery of messages.
Unit Updates

Wireless Lock Deployments

UNIT's Wildcard Services deployed wireless access readers to the dorm rooms of Sullivan, Sheehan, O’Dwyer, Delurey, Simpson and Moriarty Halls. This initiative adds security and convenience; students can open their dorm room with their Wildcard or an app (CBORD Mobile ID) on a smartphone. The system also integrates with the Housing Management System to seamlessly update access assignments. The new system was rolled out to 565 locations in 6 resident Halls and replaces the punch code and key-based locks. This Wildcard Access enables Villanova to:

  • Control and update locks remotely
  • Open doors with a card or app (CBORD Mobile ID)
  • Eliminate metal master keys by temporarily elevating Wildcard privileges
  • Enact quick emergency lockdowns on one or thousands of doors
  • Audit door histories and alarm states
Unit Updates

Additional Mediasite Recorders

Instructional Technologies installed 4 dedicated Mediasite recorders in Bartley Hall Rooms 3001 and 3010 and in Driscoll Hall Rooms 223 and 225.  These dedicated recorders will allow for all the classes or events taking place in these rooms to be recorded, at any time of day.  To get your class or event recorded, click here.


Unit Updates

IT Security: What is the Internet of Things?

The next big technical advancement is IoT –  connecting everyday devices to the Internet, like doorbells, light bulbs, refrigerators, baby monitors, cameras, and thermostats.  These connected devices can make our lives much simpler, but they also come with their own unique security issues.

Many IoT devices purchased today have little or no security built into them. Here are some steps you can take to protect your IoT devices and yourself:

  • Connect Only What You Need: The simplest way to secure an IoT device is to not connect it to the Internet. If you don’t need your device to be online, don’t connect it to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Separate Wi-Fi network: If you do need your IoT devices online, consider creating a separate Wi-Fi network just for them. This keeps your IoT devices on an isolated network, where they cannot be used to harm or attack any computer or mobile devices connected to your primary home network.
  • Update When Possible: Just like your PC and mobile devices, keep your IoT devices up to date.  If your IoT device has the option to automatically update, enable that.
  • Strong Passwords: Change any passwords on your IoT device to a unique, strong passphrase only you know. Consider using a password manager to securely store all of them.
  • Privacy Options: If your IoT device allows you to configure privacy options, limit the amount of information it shares. One option is to simply disable any information sharing capabilities.
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