Unit Updates, May 2017

Welcome to the UNIT Updates webpage where UNIT will display monthly updates on services and solutions, projects, new UNIT initiatives and relevant UNIT information for the Villanova Community.  Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for future issues.

Unit Updates

Wireless Expansion Plans

The University’s Wireless Network Upgrade Project continues to be executed with phases for spring-summer 2017, fall-winter 2017, and beyond. 

For spring 2017, UNIT continued its effort, and completed wireless infrastructure upgrades in Falvey Library, Driscoll Hall, Health Services Building, and Villanova Law School.  In Falvey Library, Villanova Law School, Driscoll Hall and Health Services Building, UNIT deployed over 290 next-generation wireless APs, as well as backend infrastructure bandwidth improvements.

For summer 2017, UNIT plans to upgrade the wireless infrastructure for both Lancaster Avenue and west campus residential areas. For west campus, wireless upgrades are planned for: Farley, Gallen, Jackson, Mouldin, St. Clare, Rudolph, Klekotka, and Welsh Hall's.  Residential areas on Lancaster Avenue include: Fedigan, Delurey, Moriarity, O’Dwyer, and Simpson Hall's. For Lancaster Avenue and west campus residential areas, UNIT plans to deploy over 400 next-generation wireless APs, as well as complete infrastructure bandwidth improvements.

Please visit UNIT’s web site, available at http://www1.villanova.edu/villanova/unit/networkphoneconnect/WifiUpgrade.html for more information regarding the next steps for the University’s wireless infrastructure plan, including campus map for completed and scheduled upgraded wireless areas.

Unit Updates

Eduroam--Global Wifi Roaming

UNIT is proud to announce that Villanova is now a member of  Eduroam-global Wifi Roaming.  This service is designed to allow active students, faculty, and staff to use their home institution's credentials to connect wirelessly and securely to the Internet while visiting other participating institutions.  With this new offering, there is no need to set up a guest account at the visited institutions. You will be able to use your Villanova credentials (userid@villanova.edu) to access the wireless network at participating educational and research institutions.  Click here to find out where Eduroam is supported and access a of list of over 300 institutions in the U.S. We will begin to be implementing the service here on Campus during the Summer.  

Unit Updates


College of Nursing along with collaboration from UNIT have rolled out a new platform called Exxat for Nursing graduate students.  Exxat is a cloud based platform designed to handle student data, clinical site placements, and site data of graduate students.


Unit Updates

Classroom Technology Updates--Switcher Upgrades

Over the past year UNIT has upgraded switchers in the following academic buildings: St. Mary’s, Tolentine, Bartley, SAC and Mendel. Switchers provide faculty and students with the various wired connections to the projection systems and displays in the classrooms. The new switchers will provide more reliable connectivity for all devices and improve picture and sound quality, allowing for a better teaching and learning experience. We are planning to complete switcher upgrades in 6 additional academic buildings over the next year. 

Unit Updates

Employee Services Website

Looking for IT Information or Services available for VillanovaEmployees?  UNIT’s Employee Services webpage has been redeigned with a streamlined look with easier browsing ability.  This website provides helpful information about  current and new technologies being offered at the University like Office 365, Dropbox, and others all in one location. Check it out!  http://www1.villanova.edu/villanova/unit/employee_services.html

Unit Updates

IT Security: Keeping Kids Safe Online

The key to protecting children online is to educate them and make sure that not only you are talking to them, but they are talking to you.The number one step you can take is communication.  Here are some things to consider: 

  • Times when they can or cannot go online, and for how longer.
  • Ask your children who their online friends or followers are, and how they become friends. 
  • Talk about the types of websites they should or should not visit, games that are appropriate or not, and why.
  • What information they can share and with whom. Children often do not realize what they post is permanent 

In addition to education, there are other steps to protecting kids online:

  • Install technologies that can monitor and help protect your kids. 
  • Have a dedicated computer just for your kids. 
  • Keep their computer in a public, high-traffic area so their activities can be monitored. 
  • Make sure the computer is secured, routinely backed up, and your children do not have administrator rights to it. 
  • For mobile devices, consider a central charging station somewhere in your house. Before your children go to bed at night, have all mobile devices placed at the charging station so your children are not tempted to use them when they should be sleeping.
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