Unit Updates, April 2017

Welcome to the UNIT Updates webpage where UNIT will display monthly updates on services and solutions, projects, new UNIT initiatives and relevant UNIT information for the Villanova Community.  Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for future issues.

Unit Updates

Yellowdig Event – Villanova Faculty Panel (Watch On-Demand)

Instructional Technologies hosted an event in March called, “Yellowdig Introduction and Panel With Villanova Faculty Members”.  Yellowdig representatives introduced the Yellowdig product, a social learning network, and the rest of the event had Villanova faculty panel sharing how they use Yellowdig in their courses.  Yellowdig is a social learning network integrated into Blackboard, helping to turn courses into a social learning community.  With a look familiar to popular social networks (Facebook), Yellowdig allows faculty to quickly share items of interest, assess student participation, and drive class discussions within your private community.  Faculty can even setup a point system to rate the quality of content posted and published it back to the Blackboard gradebook. Watch the entire event here: https://youtu.be/mJXgD9rOvMw.  Interested in using Yellowdig? Visit the UNIT – Instructional Technologies Yellowdig site located here.

Unit Updates

Eduroam--Global Wifi Roaming

UNIT is proud to announce that Villanova will be participating in Eduroam-global Wifi Roaming.  This service is designed to allow students, faculty, and staff to use their home institution's credentials to connect wirelessly and securely to the Internet while visiting other participating institutions.  With this new offering, there is no need to set up a guest account at the visited institutions. You will be able to use your Villanova MyNova credentials to access the wireless network at participating educational and research institutions.  At the same time, Guests from those institutions can use their credentials to access our wireless network on the Villanova campus.  Click here to find out where Eduroam is supported and access a of list of over 300 institutions in the U.S. This will begin to be implemented during the Summer.  


Unit Updates

Wildcat Newswire

UNIT in partnership with Student Life is proud to announce the release of an updated version of the Wildcat Newswire.  This new version is mobile friendly and easier to navigate.

Unit Updates

Classroom Technology Updates

The Classroom Technologies team has finished removing old TV carts, overhead projectors and slide projectors from all classrooms.  If you need a modern alternative to these legacy technologies, please call the Classroom Support Hotline @ 610-519-5631. You can always find up-to-date information, important announcements, classroom connectivity tips and other great information on UNIT's Website!

This is a reminder to all faculty that VCRs are no longer being manufactured as of July 2016. The Classroom Technologies department, as advertised on UNIT's Website, will no longer install DVD/VCR units in new classroom systems, nor will we replace existing units as they fail. VHS is an outdated technology and with the electronics industry ending production we can no longer purchase these units. If you have VHS tapes that need to be converted please use the following link to the Media Conversion Form

Unit Updates

New Web Conferencing Tools

The Instructional Technologies has been doing research and working with faculty pilot groups to provide better web conferencing software for the University.   After researching ten products, it has been determined that we will adopt two products, Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, as suitable replacements to Adobe Connect.  Both of these products will add functionality, including the ability to participate by phone and enhanced accessibility features, to help create a better online or hybrid course for both faculty and students.  Effective Summer Session 2017, Adobe Connect will no longer be available and our web conferencing tools will be Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and Zoom. UNIT has been holding weekly group training sessions for both BB Collaborate Ultra and Zoom.  To sign up for these sessions, please visit the Training Calendar site. 

Unit Updates

IT Security: Securely Using Mobile Apps

Mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and watches, have become one of the primary technologies used in both our personal and professional lives. What makes mobile devices so versatile are the millions of apps we can choose from. These apps enable us to be more productive, instantly communicate and share with others, train and educate, or just have more fun. However, with the power of all these mobile apps comes risks. 

  • Obtaining Mobile Apps:  Make sure downloads are from a safe, trusted source.  For Apple devices, such as an iPad or iPhone, only download mobile apps from the Apple App Store. Windows Phone uses a similar approach to managing applications.  As for Andriod devices, we recommend downloads from Google Play.  
  • Updating Apps:  Mobile apps, just like your computer and mobile device operating system, must be updated to stay current. The developers that created your app also create and release updates to fix these weaknesses and protect your devices. 
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