Unit Updates, January 2017

Welcome to the UNIT Updates webpage where UNIT will display monthly updates on services and solutions, projects, new UNIT initiatives and relevant UNIT information for the Villanova Community.  Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for future issues.

Unit Updates

Banner System Upgrade

UNIT along with assistance from the campus Banner Coordination team upgraded the Banner Production system database and Banner hardware. Project planning and collaboration with UNIT and the Banner Coordination team has been ongoing for the past year resulting in a successful project implementation. These upgrades have improved overall system security and greatly improved performance along with additional enhancements within the infrastructure in disk management and database disaster recovery. 

Unit Updates

Spam Quarantine Enhancements

Beginning in February, UNIT will be rolling out enhancements to the SPAM services that protect the University Email system.  This change will streamline the experience with an improved quarantine interface as well as more robust protection features.  In addition to the antivirus and antispam protections from the current system, the new SPAM services will you can protect mailboxes against new, sophisticated attacks in real time by protecting against unsafe attachments and expanding protection against malicious links embedded in email messages.

Unit Updates

Villanova DropBox--Team Folders

Team Folders are now available from your Villanova Dropbox.  Team Folders provide a centralized location for teams to collaborate.  All content inside your team folder is automatically shared with anyone who can access the team folder.  Team Folders can be a shared resource between both University employees and external partners providing an easy way to share non-sensitive information.  Contact the University Helpdesk if interested in using Dropbox Team Folders.

Unit Updates

Office 365 Local Download Now Available

Looking to install Office 2016 locally... it  is now available for local download on your machines for all active Villanova Students and Employees.   Villanova issued machines can install via Software Center.   Personal machines can install via the Office Portal a http://office.villanova.edu/.   More information available HERE.  

Unit Updates

Classroom Technology Fall/Winter Upgrades

The Classroom Technologies team has been busy this Fall and Winter providing technology improvements across campus within the Academic Areas! Here are just a few featured projects:

Bartley Hall Switcher Upgrades – As we continue with the classroom switcher upgrades, brand new switchers are now installed in all Bartley classrooms! Switchers provide faculty and staff with the various wired connections to the projection systems and displays in the classrooms. The new switchers will provide more reliable connectivity for all devices and improve picture and sound quality, allowing for a better teaching and learning experience.

Bartley Hall IRAFT Upgrade – The Bartley Hall Finance Lab was upgraded which features an upgraded digital matrix system, that allows students to view various sources (Cable TV, Bloomberg PC, laptop, etc.) across 6 new HD displays! The touch screen controls are now more user-friendly, and students and staff are able to annotate directly over images to create personalized presentations.

Unit Updates

Blackboard Course Redesign

The Instructional Technologies team have recently published guidelines for helping faculty with redesigning their on ground and online courses for Blackboard.  These guidelines will help faculty in understanding the process of course design and their responsibilities detailed out in a 14 week outline.  More information is available at HERE.  

Unit Updates

IT Security: What is Malware?

The term “malware” is a catch-all phrase for any type of malicious software, such as viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware.  If your computer has become infected by malware, a cyber-attacker can capture all of your keystrokes, steal your documents or use your computer to attack others.  Use the following tips to protect your computer from malware:

  1. Obtain anti-virus software only from known, trusted sources and verify you have the latest version installed
  2. Automatically scan portable media (USB sticks) and ensure real-time protection
  3. Pay attention to the on-screen warnings and alerts generated by your anti-virus software. 
  4. Do not disable or uninstall your anti-virus software 
  5. Do not install multiple anti-virus programs on your computer at the same time. 
  6. Learn to recognize the warnings that your anti-virus software produces. 

UNIT encourages all University faculty and staff to view SANs’ Malware security awareness video, available HERE

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