Unit Updates, November 2016

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Unit Updates

Mobile Self Service--NovaNow

Introducing Mobile Self Service HelpDesk through Nova Now.  The Villanova mobile application, Nova Now, available in the Apple App store and Google Play store, contains a new feature that will allow faculty, staff, and students to submit IT support requests through the mobile application in just one touch! Visit the Get Help section to find this feature, Facilities Work requests, and other tools to improve your campus experience.   

Unit Updates

Windows 10 Now Available

Now available for Faculty and Staff, Windows 10!  This new operating system from Microsoft features advanced searching and many touchscreen optimizations, while retaining a familiar start bar for desktop users.  Windows 10 also comes with Office 2016 and will automatically integrate with Office 365, which all users have recently been migrated to. Interested in upgrading?  Please contact UNIT via HelpDesk (97777) or email support@villanova.edu for appointments at the the Vasey Techzone to back up your files and start running with Windows 10!

Unit Updates

ExamSoft Testing Software

In partnership with the College of Nursing, UNIT assisted with the deployment of Examsoft which is a secure online testing software system.  This new software will be used in the graduate courses for assessments and helps to ensure programmatic effectiveness in exams.  Moving forward, the College of Nursing hopes to expand to all courses in the curriculum.

Unit Updates

Software Catalog for downloads

Did you know that Villanova computers running Windows have access to a software catalog?  Looking for software that is availble to University Faculty and Staff? Software Center is a program installed, allowing you to download a host of programs you may need on your computer.  Some examples of available software include JMP, Maple, and SPSS.  This list is always growing and changing, so if there is an academic program you may need, check in the Software Center located under 'All Programs' and Microsoft System Center.  

Unit Updates

Nursing Module in Blackboard

In partnership with the Nursing Continuing Education office, the Instructional Technologies team worked on developing an online Child Abuse Recognition course module, utilizing interactive lessons.  This module is required in the state of Pennsylvania for licensed nurses and other health care professionals.  The module, developed using Articulate Storyline and placed in Blackboard, presents a series of interactive lessons with embedded questions to gage student’s understanding of the material.  Students are required to complete a final evaluation providing feedback about their experience.  To date, over 175 students completed this course.  

Unit Updates

IT Security: Cyber Monday 2016 -BE Cautious

November 28th is Cyber Monday, so ‘tis the season to be cautious with online shopping!  Many Villanovans will choose to shop online in search of a great deal or to avoid long lines and crowds. This is also the time unscrupulous websites may attempt to scam you by selling counterfeit products, stealing your credit card information, or failing to deliver anything.

When selecting a website to purchase your desired item, be wary of online stores offering a price that is dramatically cheaper than anyone else. The reason they may be so cheap is because after you purchase your item, what you receive in the mail is a counterfeit or stolen item, or in some cases is simply never even shipped. Indicators of fraudulent websites include:

  1. There is no phone number to call for sales or support-related questions
  2. The website domain name is different than the domain name it uses for email addresses or other contact information
  3. The website uses poor grammar or spelling
  4. The website is an exact replica of a well-known website you have used in the past, but the website domain name or the name of the store is slightly different.

If you believe fraud has been committed, such as never receiving your package even though you have tried to contact the store multiple times or you see odd charges to your credit card, call your credit card company right away and explain the situation. For more information on staying secure while shopping online, please visit:  https://staysafeonline.org/stay-safe-online/protect-your-personal-information/online-shopping

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