Unit Updates, July 2016

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Unit Updates

Campus Wireless 2016 Project Update

Last month we communicated steady wireless upgrade progress on south campus residential buildings which are all online.  Now, we are pleased to announce wireless infrastructure upgrades to central campus residential buildings which have been completed ahead of schedule, and are online in St. Rita's, Corr, Alumni, and Austin Halls.  
Additionally, UNIT in partnership with the Office of Facilities Management, took the opportunity this summer to future-proof the “environmentals” of many of the existing areas housing network gear;  for example, all existing wiring closets were reworked according industry standards for cable and rack management. On central campus, several new wiring closets were constructed, and now include the addition of state-of-the-art cable management, upgraded electrical circuits, and new HVAC.
If you need more information about the University’s Campus Wireless 2016 project, please click HERE.  

Unit Updates


Recently, outside of St. Rita’s Hall on the central part of campus, new digital signage was installed.  Working in partnership with the Office for Mission and Ministry, a solution was developed to replace a traditional paper based sign with state of the art weatherproof HD monitor.  The goal of the sign is to assist in the increase communications and outreach by Mission and Ministry using audio / visual technology.  The official University wide digital signage network includes signage in Tolentine, Mendel, St. Augustin, Connelly Center, Donahue, Vasey, Bartley, Austin, Technical Services Building, Doughtery, CEER, Driscoll and the Charles Widger School of Law.

Unit Updates

12Twenty--Data Analytics tool

UNIT partnered with the Career Center to provide a seamless integration to 12Twenty.  12Twenty is a data analytics tool which collects career outcomes information of college graduates. The Career Center uses this tool to manage its annual outcomes survey, provide reports across the University and track employer recruiting.

Unit Updates

VUPlay Wireless Gaming Network

This summer’s wireless upgrade in south and central campus student residential areas has enabled UNIT to continue the rollout of VUPlay!  
Using VUPlay, students will be able to attach their gaming devices wirelessly to Villanova’s Network.  Registration and set up to begin gaming and streaming systems wirelessly is fast and easy. Instructions are available at:

VUPlay is still a limited release, and deployed as the wireless infrastructure is upgraded in student residential areas throughout campus on South and Central Campus.


Unit Updates

IT Security: Protecting Yourself from Malware

Malware is software used to perform malicious actions. Cyber criminals install malware on your computers or devices to gain control over them or gain access to what they contain. Once installed, malware can be used to spy on your online activities, steal your passwords and files, or use your system to attack others.

Malware can even deny access to your own files, demanding that you pay the attacker a ransom to regain control of them. 

Here are additional steps you should take to protect yourself:

  • Make sure your operating systems, applications, and devices are enabled to automatically install updates.
  • Only download and install apps from trusted web sites.
  • On computers, use a standard account that has limited privileges rather than privileged accounts such as “Administrator” or “root.”
  • Be skeptical of suspicious email messages. If a message creates a strong sense of urgency, is confusing, or seems too good to be true, it could be an attack.
  • Regularly back up your system and files to cloud-based services, or store your backups offline, such as on disconnected external drives. 

Ultimately, the best way to defend against malware is keep your software up-to-date, install trusted anti-virus software from well-known vendors, and be alert for anyone attempting to fool or trick you into infecting your own system.

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