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Unit Updates, January 2016

Welcome to the UNIT Updates webpage where UNIT will display monthly updates on services and solutions, projects, new UNIT initiatives and relevant UNIT information for the Villanova Community.  Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for future issues.

Unit Updates

2Factor for vDesktop

Coming in February, security enhancements to VDesktop and the Villanova Gateway access are being implemented to further protect your account and the Villanova Network.  These enhancements include two-factor authentication from off campuconnections to vDesktop and the Villanova Gateway.  For more information about two-factor authentication and instructions, click here.    

Unit Updates

Blackboard Upgrade Enhancements

The Villanova Blackboard system was upgraded in December providing fixes and enhancements in the modules below:

  • Calendar-- Individual users now have more choice about how their calendars are formatted both in the Calendar tool and when making date selections. They can alter the first day of the week that starts the calendar view in month and week views.  Also, there is now a course list filter in the calendar.
  • Content Editor's spell check option is now ON by default.
  • Outcomes Assesment--Users can now access report options to create a printable view to save the visualized report as a PDF or XLS. There are also additional data fields available to provide further insight needed for in-depth data analysis for quantitative and qualitative assessment.
  • Video Everywhere--Blackboard Learn has integrated with OAuth 2.0. With this update users are able to seamlessly use several video features within Learn without authentication issues.
Unit Updates

Microsoft Sway: Available in Office 365

As part of the Microsoft's Office365 service offering, Sway is now availalbe. You can save time and easily create engaging, eye-catching interactive reports, presentations, and more which flow responsively across all device types.  Sway can be used for interactive lessons, assignments, project recaps, newsletters and more. The Villanova community can have fun while learning and stay engaged by using Sway to breathe new life into reports, assignments, projects, study materials, and portfolios. Find out more here.

Unit Updates

Nova Alert for Campus Notifications

NOVA Alert delivers important emergency alerts, notifications and weather updates to any mobile device or email you choose to register. When an incident or emergency occurs, authorized senders will notify you using NOVA Alert.  Current Faculty, Staff and Students can login at myNova and Click Personal Information, Click on Nova Alert & Cell Phone Information and Enter your information.  Your Villanova email and the cell phone information will be entered into the Nova Alert system

Unit Updates

Criminal Background Checks: ACT 153 of PA

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in a critical effort to protect minors, enacted ACT 153 of the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) in 2014.  In compliance with this Act, Villanova requires employees and volunteers who have direct contact with minors, as defined by law, undergo three criminal background checks.   Faced with the challenge of managing the implications of this law, UNIT was invited to provide a technical solution to accomplish this massive undertaking.  Accordingly, in partnership with the Compliance Office, numerous organizations and UNIT, a team convened to accomplish this mission.  A solution within the Banner database was developed to streamline and manage the data involved.  The key components of PA153 requires the entry of each of the background checks into Banner, maintaining and managing student volunteer groups to ensure compliance, secure document storage and review, and a secure self-service module for students to upload their documents. 

Some of the vital challenges involved in the project include processing the copious amount of paperwork, carefully maintaining criteria for volunteers to be approved, preserving documents according to the Act in case of auditing, reviewing documents for disqualification and managing PA153 compliance for volunteer groups.  Additionally,  a method was designed to allow individuals to manage their own compliance.    Once the information is entered into the system, faculty, staff and students are able to view the status of their PA153 documents through a secure self-service module within MyNova.

Unit Updates

IT Security: IRS Tax Tips 2016

The IRS, the states and the tax industry urge you to be safe online and remind you to take important steps to help protect your tax and financial information and guard against identity theft. Treat your personal information like cash – don’t hand it out to just anyone.  Here are some best practices you can follow to protect your tax and financial information:

  • Give personal information over encrypted websites only.
  • Protect your passwords. The longer the password, the tougher it is to crack.  Use at least 10 characters;
  • Don’t assume ads or emails are from reputable companies. Check out companies to find out if they are legitimate.
  • Don’t overshare on social media – Do a web search of your name and review the results
  • Back up and copy important files. No system is completely secure. 
  • Save your tax returns and records



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Unit Updates Archives