Unit Updates, May 2015

Welcome to the UNIT Updates webpage where UNIT will display monthly updates on services and solutions, projects, new UNIT initiatives and relevant UNIT information for the Villanova Community.  Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for future issues.

Unit Updates

Network Infrastructure Improvements

UNIT’s Network and Communication Services team (NETCOMM) is in the process of upgrading the network infrastructure around campus.These improvements will help to increase bandwidth and throughput between buildings, and reduce network transmission delays. For example, transmission delays cause pesky “jitter” for streaming high-quality media (gaming/video/audio), video on demand, and delay-sensitive data like real-time voice.

The following is a list of buildings currently in-scope:

  • Kennedy Hall to the Connelly Center & Austin Hall
  • Law School to Garey Hall & Facilities Services Building
  • Austin Hall to Alumni, Corr & St. Rita Halls
  • Facilities Building to Steam Plant & the Structural Engineering Buildings
  • Tolentine Hall to Delurey, Fedigan, Simpson, O'Dwyer & Middleton Halls
Unit Updates

Content Guidance in Webpage Design

This Prototype site has been created in an effort to provide you with helpful suggestions on how to format and layout your website pages. With the switch over to a more responsive template, it is increasingly important that your website content is well organized and formatted so that it can be easily viewed as it transforms from desktop view to mobile.  By maximizing your content for mobile view, you will allow your site visitors to find your information easier and increase their positive user experience.

These prototypes are available to Author users only.  You can visit our prototypes directory in Author by clicking on the following link: https://author.villanova.edu/cf#/content/villanova/prototypes.html.


Unit Updates

Alumni Communication Portal-iModules

The Office of University Advancement migrated from Harris Connect to iModules’ Encompass Constituent Engagement Management Solution.  UNIT provided technical leadership for this project and ensured integrations existed between our ERP System and iModules, specifically for demographic data, membership, events and giving.  Key features include:  online directory and online community feature set, online giving, email marketing and online event registration/management, membership management.  This product will enable the university to strengthen relationships, increase engagement with our alumni, boost participation and drive donations. The 2015 Reunion was rolled out using iModules on March 31.  The new online community will be officially announced this month.

Unit Updates

Faculty and Staff PC Refresh 2015

During May 18 – July 30, 2015, UNIT in partnership with each College and administrative department, will undergo the deployment process of “refreshing” all eligible full-time faculty and staff primary laptops and desktops. Each computer will be replaced with a new computer, and an upgraded software suite.  

UNIT’s website http://www1.villanova.edu/villanova/unit/2015refresh.html explains the process, and includes detailed building schedule and important FAQs, communicated to each College and administrative area over the last several months.

Unit Updates

IT Security: Is Your Computer Hacked, Now What?

UNIT knows you are concerned about protecting your computer and information. With the University’s IT Security Awareness campaign, we were made better aware of what to look for to determine if your computer may be “hacked” - and if so what to do about it. Ultimately, the quicker you detect your computer has been hacked, and the faster you respond, the better you can mitigate any harm to your computer. Below are some signs of "hacked" computers:

  • Malware protection software (anti-virus and anti-spyware) has notified you that your computer is “infected.”
  • Your browser’s homepage has all of a sudden changed, or your browser is taking you to unfamiliar websites
  • New programs appear, and are running, that you did not install 
  • Computer is continually crashing, or running super slow
  • Your Internet connection is slow

If you are concerned that your computer may be hacked, please contact UNIT’s Help Desk. A representative is available Monday-Thursday from 9am-7pm and 9am-5pm on Fridays @ 610-519-7777; or Email us @ support@villanova.edu.


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