Unit Updates, September 2014

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Unit Updates

Rise Digital Signage Upgrade

Over the summer, the RISE digital signage system on campus has been upgraded and expanded by UNIT’s Instructional Technology Group. This change upgrade involved updating the backend software, replacing existing hardware and the replacement of several displays. The new updated system simplifies the creation and distribution of content on signage across campus. Digital signage systems are located throughout campus in the following locations:  Bartley, CEER, Connelly, Driscoll, TSB, Mendel, SAC, VSB, Donahue, Dougherty, Garey Hall and has been newly expanded to Law.

Unit Updates

VLS Print Systems

Unit worked to enhance the student printing experience at the Law School.  The Pharos system has been updated utilizing the wildcard tap and go technology.  The printers were also refreshed to Xerox printers.  These changes have helped improve the user experience of releasing print jobs. 

Unit Updates

Campaign Presence on Villanova Website

In conjunction with University Communications & University Advancement, UNIT was asked to provide a campaign presence on the Villanova Website.  The Campaign link provides a direct connection to the University’s Campaign “For the Greater Great”.  This direct link provides all users with the opportunity to not only learn more about the Campaign but to be a part of the future of Villanova through many forms of giving opportunities.

Unit Updates

Follett Discover for Faculty & Student Implementation

In partnership with Follett, Villanova University’s  Bookstore Management,  and UNIT, we are pleased to announce that, beginning for the Spring 2015 text book adoptions,  a new suite of technology solutions will be implemented. 

Highlights of this new technology suite include a transformation of course material adoptions through the FacultyDiscover tm tool, which includes:

  • Discovery:  a tool enabling instructors to explore a vast source of course materials including text book offerings and more.
  • Community: the Follett Discover community enables the sharing of critical feedback on course materials with a repository of reviews and recommendations.
  • Adoption and Streamlined workflow:  the book adoption process has been streamlined eliminating the paperwork and guesswork associated with submitting traditional adoptions.  The Faculty Discover tool will be available to instructors within Blackboard LMS, therefore, assisting in timely submission of book adoptions to the bookstore.  This is critical to ensure HEOA compliance for Villanova.
  • Streamlined student access to course materials through InstantAccess TM:  Follett Discover is now integrated into Villanova’s Banner database allowing up to the moment information for the selection and purchase of course materials through the Blackboard LMS as well as through the NOVASIS portal.

Unit Updates

IT Security: Social Engineering

Today, much of our interaction with people is done “virtually.” We no longer need to be in physical contact to communicate. We talk to people on the phone, chat with them via instant messaging, send text messages on our mobile devices, or communicate with email. However, these technologies also make it much easier for cyber criminals to launch one of their most effective attacks: social engineering.  

Cyber criminals build trust by pretending to be a person or organization we know.  They then exploit this trust to obtain whatever they want, such as access to your computer, your money or your information. Cyber criminals have learned that often the easiest way to steal something is to simply ask for it. The simplest way to be protected is to use common sense. For example, if an email, message on Facebook or phone call seems suspicious or sounds too good to be true, it is most likely an attack.  If you believe you may be the victim of social engineering, contact UNIT’s A Help Desk. A representative is available Monday-Thursday from 9am-7pm and 9am-5pm on Fridays @ 610-519-7777; or Email us @ support@villanova.edu.

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