Unit Updates, August 2014

Welcome to the UNIT Updates webpage where UNIT will display monthly updates on services and solutions, projects, new UNIT initiatives and relevant UNIT information for the Villanova Community.  Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for future issues.

Unit Updates

NOVA NOW, the New VU Mobile App is Here!

UNIT, in a partnership with University Communications, has launched a new mobile app for iOS and android users, putting Villanova in the palm of your hand. Released this month, NOVA NOW is the latest version of the application with a number of design, content and functional enhancements to improve the mobile experience for students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and prospective students who interact with Villanova's campus and community.  For more information and instructions for downloading the app beginning August 21st, visit:  http://www.villanova.edu/novanow

Unit Updates

Video Production Studios

The video production studios in Bartley and Law have been busy this summer recording content for various faculty, programs and departments. They have been heavily utilized filming faculty for the the various distance learning initiatives on campus. Instructional Technology production staff has also worked with various departments to create promotional videos for various groups: College of Professional Studies, Advancement and the Clay Center. Through it’s VYVX connection, our Bartley Studio has connected various media outlets; Al Jazeera, Wall Street Journal Live, CBS, CNN, ABC, to connect with faculty experts on campus for live and on demand interviews. 

Unit Updates

Ceer 104 Multipurpose Lab

Engineering has a new collaboration multipurpose lab in CEER 104.  The lab will have 6 large LCD monitors, presenter projector, and 3 27inch all in one Dell XPS computers.  The lab will feature untethered/wireless connections for laptops, Apple products, and variety of tablets for collaborations and presentations.  

Unit Updates

Wireless Locks in Stanford Hall

UNIT's Wildcard Services deployed wireless access readers to the dorm rooms in Stanford Hall.  This initiative adds security and convenience; students can open their dorm room with their Wildcard or an app (CBORD Mobile ID) on a smartphone. The system also integrates with the Housing Management System to seamlessly update access modifications.  The new system was rolled out to 279 locations in Stanford Hall and replaces the punch code and key-based locks. This Wildcard Access enables Villanova to:

  • Control and update locks remotely
  • Open doors with a card or app (CBORD Mobile ID)
  • Eliminate metal master keys by temporarily elevating Wildcard privileges
  • Enact quick emergency lockdowns on one or thousands of doors
  • Audit door histories and alarm states

Unit Updates

Wireless Upgrades

UNIT has been focused on campus wireless improvements and “Wireless Refresh Initiative”  will be deployed in phases over time, with residential halls taking precedence. Phase 1 involved revamping the wireless infrastructure in Stanford Hall, St. Mary's Hall, Farley Hall, and Gallen Hall.  The scope for phase 1 included the installation of new Aruba Networks wireless access points (APs) in student residence hall rooms, instead of hallway areas, and new CAT6A cabling within each building. UNIT plans to reassess students’ wireless experience in these areas in late fall 2014. 

Unit Updates

New Features in Blackboard

The April 2014 release for Blackboard Learn 9.1 delivers exciting innovations as well as deep improvements to core capabilities, resulting in a product that is more intuitive, engaging, and focused on instructors and students.  These features are now available to faculty as of August 10th.  Anonymous & Delegated Grading: provides a more useful, robust option and best practice that has been implemented previously by the “Hide User Names” capability to enable anonymous grading and provide a mechanism for lead instructors to delegate grading.  Student Preview: Previously, Blackboard Learn the Edit Mode On/Off control approximated what a student who had access to everything in a course might see. The new Student Preview feature provides the capability for an Instructor to see the course exactly how a student would see it.  The new Student preview has replaced the Add Test student tool.  SafeAssign: Blackboard has also enhanced the SafeAssign service to provide a more seamless integration with native Learn Assignments and updating the SafeAssign Originality Report interface.  Mobile: Finally we would like to remind everyone that the Blackboard Mobile app is now FREE to all Villanova Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Unit Updates

Permissions Based Content (CQ Secure)

UNITs Web Services team is pleased to announce that we now have a ‘one-stop-shop’ for creating Permission-Based Content (PBC) for your web pages. PBC is used when you need to display content for specific groups, such as faculty-only, students-only, staff-only, etc..  Previously, users were able to leverage SharePoint site for this type of content.  You now have the ability to create that specialized content within your already existing CQ website, eliminating the need to have content in an outside or third-party setting.  The content will be checked against whether or not a site visitor is logged in and having the appropriate permissions to view the content in question.  Stay tuned for more information and instructions on how to use this new feature in CQ.

Unit Updates

Mediasite 7 Upgrade

The campus lecture capture and video delivery system, Mediasite, was upgraded to version 7 over the summer. This upgrade provides enhancements not only to the classroom recorders but to the MyMediasite application as well. Users can now record both their camera and screen synchronized in real time via the MyMediasite application. Other new and enhanced features include:

  • Interactive video portal called Mediasite Showcase that enables users to curate, spotlight and share live and on-demand content;
  • Enhanced mobile app that enables users to browse, search and watch Mediasite video or Showcase;
  • One-click publishing to YouTube, iTunes and iTunes U;
  • Ability to capture video from any mobile device and upload it to Mediasite.
Unit Updates

IT Security: Email Do's and Don'ts

Email has become one of the primary ways we communicate in our personally and professionally.  Below highlights some common email mistakes and how to avoid them. 

  • Autocomplete: This feature auto populates email addresses when typing addresses.  It is easy for 'autocomplete' to select a wrong address that is similar.  So always, doublecheck the name and email address before hitting the send button. 
  • CC/BC:  CC stands for 'carbon copy and BC stands for 'blind carbon copy'.  Both can cause trouble.   When someone sends you an email and has Cc’ed people on it, you have to decide if you want to reply to just the sender, or reply to everyone that was included on the Cc.  If your reply is sensitive, you may want to reply only to the sender.  
  • Privacy: Traditional email has few privacy protections. Anyone who gains access to your email can read your messages. Your email can easily be forwarded to others, posted on public forums and may remain accessible on the Internet forever.  If you have something truly private to communicate, pick up the phone. It is also important to remember that email can be used as legal evidence in many countries. 

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