Unit Updates, May 2014

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UNIT Security Update: Social Networking

Social networking sites are one of the most exciting and powerful technologies on the Internet. These are virtual, online communities allowing people to connect to each other from around the world.

Each of these sites (such as LinkedIn or Facebook) are set up differently, but they are all designed to allow you to decide what information you want to share, how often, and with whom. Some people update their sites daily or even hourly, posting what they are doing, where they work and their interests. What makes these sites so powerful is how easy it is to share with others and to watch and learn what others are doing. However, with these capabilities come many risks you need to be aware of.

1. Sharing Your Information

Social websites allow you to post and share a tremendous amount of information. The concern is, if you’re not careful, sharing this information can harm you.

§  Criminals may look for highly personal information and based on details you’ve shared, they may be able to guess passwords, impersonate you online, or even steal your identity. Never post personal details such as your birth date, home address, or identification numbers.

§  In addition, organizations hiring new employees or universities reviewing new students often do background checks on popular social networking sites such as Facebook. If a posting is something you would not want your boss, future employer or family to see, you should not post it.

2. Others Posting Information About You

Even more challenging to control is information others publish about you. Photographs, videos, or online chat sessions can easily be shared. Always inform your friends what information they can and cannot share about you. Some social network sites will notify you if others have posted information about you. In addition, many social networking sites have an abuse contact, if someone will not take down personal information about you, then contact the website’s abuse center.

3. Third Party Apps and Games

Some social websites have additional third-party programs, such as games you can install. These programs are not always developed or reviewed by the social networking website and can be potentially harmful to your computer or may grant access your private information.

4. Trusting Others

One of the exciting features about social networking is the ability to quickly and easily interact with others.

§  The issue is these websites make it easy for attackers to impersonate people you trust. Only accept friends or contacts you know.

Unit Updates

Freshman Booklet

The University Registrar’s office and UNIT have collaborated to better improve the process for Incoming Freshman to complete the Freshman Booklet requirements.  The Freshman Booklet now shows the student a more dynamic & visual checklist within the myNOVA portal to complete.  The Registrar’s office is able to update the list items which will the changes automatically for the students.  This new functionality will also minimize support calls to the Registrar’s Office.   

Unit Updates

Banner Business Intelligence – Ellucian Analytics


UNIT is pleased to announce that Ellucian Analytics solutions are now delivered on a new platform.  The new platform is designed to add value by speeding up distributed reporting and analytics tasks to users. Ellucian Analytics and Cognos Business Intelligence allow users to explore the information by utilizing analysis capabilities, reports, and dashboards.  The platform and tools enable the University to make data driven decisions much more quickly. Within the past year, University Advancement has delivered over 200 new reports, charts, and dashboards using Cognos and Ellucian Analytics to support their mission. In partnership with UNIT, University Advancement, Financial Systems, and Human Resources have adopted Ellucian Analytics and Cognos while the Office of Admission has begun the process. 
Unit Updates

UNIT Wildcard’s Mobile ID – Now available for use with Student Vending

With recent upgrades students may now utilize the Mobile ID for CS Gold app on their mobile devices and access certain campus resources, such as vending machines. Mobile ID for CS Gold is available as an app from the App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, students can use the app on their device to access vending readers and laundry readers instead of presenting their cards. Go to www.villanova.edu/wildcard for instructions and more information.

Unit Updates

Digital Signage (RISE)

An update to the RISE digital signage system on campus has been completed by UNIT’s Instructional Technology Group. This change involved updating the backend software, replacement of existing hardware and the replacement of several displays. The new updated system simplifies the creation and distribution of content on signage across campus. Digital signage systems are located throughout campus in the following locations:  Bartley, CEER, Connelly, Driscoll, TSB, Mendel, SAC, VSB, Donahue, Dougherty, and Garey Halls. 

Unit Updates

Summer CIT Update/Getting Ready


Summer is here and Center for Instructional Technologies (CIT) staff are busy working with faculty to support the summer online programs.  Each summer approximately 70 Villanova courses are offered fully online, many more utilize teaching and learning technologies in a hybrid format.  Online collaboration via Adobe Connect continues to be a popular service, particularly during the summer.  If interested in using Adobe Connect for web conferencing or learning how to better structure online course materials to match your learning objectives, visit our redesigned website at http://www.villanova.edu/blackboard for more information.  Contact information for each colleges’ instructional designer is available for faculty appointment as well as training materials and workshop information. 

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