Unit Updates, June 2013

Unit Updates

New Support Offering: CHAT

Beginning June 1st, UNIT will now offer 'CHAT' support for the Villanova community.  To use the CHAT feature, please go to the link below, the CHAT link will be on the left hand side of the page during posted hours. If you have any questions, please contact: support@villanova.edu

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CHAT Hours: 9:00am to 4:00pm M-F

Unit Updates

Introducing UNIT's Service Catalog

Students, faculty, and staff can learn about all of UNIT’s offerings, as well as learn about new services as they are added to the catalog. Each service category includes a summary of the service, access and availability, and informational links back to the main webpage. Click Here for more information.

Unit Updates

Sympodiums Available

Sympodiums (annotation devices) are available for all classrooms across campus.  Call Classroom Hotline at 9-5631  to reserve a Sympodium.  It will be delivered to your class,  set up and training provided.

Unit Updates

Introducing Adobe Connect System

Web conferencing/collaboration for eLearning or administrative use is available through newly purchased Adobe Connect system.  For information, Call CIT (Center for Instructional Technologies) at 9-5777.

Unit Updates

Laptop Program Discontinuation

Villanova will be discontinuing its student laptop program for undergraduate students entering the University after Fall 2013. Current students and freshmen entering in August 2013 will continue with the existing laptop program through graduation. Click Here for more information.


Event Recordings

To have a class or special event recorded, deliver a webinar or inquire about other video services, please submit form by Clicking Here.

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