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vDesktop FAQ's

What is vDesktop?

vDesktop is a technology which allows users to access a full virtual Windows desktop environment from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. The virtual desktop runs from a centralized server secured in Villanova's datacenter.

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What computer system or platform do I need to access vDesktop?

Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android and many other devices can access vDesktop. 

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What is Citrix Workspace App?

Citrix Workspace App is a program that acts as a bridge between your local computer and the virtual machine you connect to, enhancing and adding a number of features like copy-paste and local printing. Please visit the Citrix Workspace App to learn more and download receiver on your computer. 

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Who can access vDesktop?

Current VU faculty, staff, and students

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Can I store data or files on vDesktop?

No, you will have access to your available network drives. You can also use a USB flash drive, or sign-in to Dropbox or any other cloud storage service to save your data.

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Can I print from vDesktop?

Yes, printing is available on a vDesktop session. 

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What are the system requirements for vDesktop?

Virtually any internet connected device can access vDesktop.  For the best user experience, we recommend downloading the latest Citrix Workspace app client for your device.  However, if you are unable to install the Workspace App on your device, you can also access vDesktop resources through your browser. Supported browsers include Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.  Please note no version of Microsoft Internet Explorer is supported.

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Is there a time limit associated with vDesktop?

There is no time limit for an active vDesktop session.  A vDesktop session will terminate after 2 hours of inactivity, so please remember to save your work often.

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What happens to the contents of my vDesktop when I log off or disconnect?

Your vDesktop session is destroyed immediately after logoff. Anything saved directly to the desktop is immedidately discarded.  To save your data, please use your network (N) drive, a USB key, email, or online storage (i.e. Dropbox).

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Is vDesktop accessable from off campus?

Yes, vDesktop can be accessed from either on or off campus with a working internet connection.

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How do I request additional software to be part of vdesktop?

You can submit a software request to be virtualized.

The application testing and virtualization is a timely process and takes 1 month lead time for availability should the application be approved.

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What is Two-Factor?

Learn about DUO Mobile Two-Factor Authentication.

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Once accepted as a student, please reset your password.  This password will be used for MyNova, Email, Blackboard, and any other single sign on page at the University.

wireless printing

Wifi Printing is currently NOT supported in the Residence Hall.  Unit recommends students connect with bluetooth enabled devices. 


Internet Ready/SMART TV and Gaming devices, such as Apple TV, Roku, XBOX and others may have limited functionality with our network configurations.

Many students on campus may wish to connect to a VPrint printer using their own laptop. This is an option, however a print driver will have to be installed on the laptop. Visit this page for instructions.