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Cable TV


The residence halls are equipped with digital HD cableTV powered by Comcast, providing over 100 channelsCable TV Service will be activated upon move-in. 

Students must provide their own coaxial cable cord; which can be obtained at any electronics store or on-line retailer.

Students will be required to re-proragm their channel line-up upon set-up of their TV.  To learn how to program your TV for the channel line-up, search for the make and model of your TV on the internet to find the most recent version of instructions. 



  1. Plug Co-Ax cable into co-ax wall jack
  2. Plug the Co-Ax cable used in step 1 into Co-Ax connection on TV set
  3. Turn TV Set On
  4. Place TV set into "TV" or "Display" as the source
  5. Program TV for the Channel Line Up or Channel Search
    1. to program your specific TV, please search the make and model of your TV on the Internet to find the most recent version of instructions.


TV Requirements

Your TV must be able to accept a coax cable input and be equipped with a QAM digital tuner. Most major brand flat screen TVs manufactured after 2006 come equipped with a QAM digital tuner.  QAM is used to receive digital channels without use of a cable box. If your TV isn't supported, you may choose to purchase a set-top QAM Tuner, replace your TV, or elect to exclusively use XFINITY On Campus.


Channel Lineup


* Comcast Channel Lineup_August 2018_1.pdf
Villanova Cable Channel Line-Up

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Classroom Technologies Hotline



Once accepted as a student, please reset your password.  This password will be used for MyNova, Email, Blackboard, and any other single sign on page at the University.

wireless printing

Wifi Printing is currently NOT supported in the Residence Hall.  Unit recommends students connect with bluetooth enabled devices. 


Internet Ready/SMART TV and Gaming devices, such as Apple TV, Roku, XBOX and others may have limited functionality with our network configurations.

Many students on campus may wish to connect to a VPrint printer using their own laptop. This is an option, however a print driver will have to be installed on the laptop. Visit this page for instructions.


For Xfinity on Campus visit the support tab here: Xfinity Support

For in Residence Hall Cable TV contact UNIT's TechZone