Student Employment

The TechZone is home to 25 + undergraduate Student Consultants who display exemplary knowledge of customer service and technical aptitude.  Should a student wish to apply for a position at the TechZone, please go to to apply.

Current TechZone Student Consultants represent 3 of the 4 colleges and actively participate in career building opportunities with UNIT staff.  These interactions take place in the work environment and one on one interactions. 

TZ Info

UNIT's TechZone is your one stop shop for all of your software and hardware support.

Falvey TechZone Hours of Operation:

Fall & Spring Semesters


Summer Semesters


Commons TechZone Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 9am to 10pm

Saturday, Sunday from 12pm to 5pm


UNIT's TechZone no longer provides data recovery or back-up services. Students are encouraged to back-up their data on a regular basis and prior to bringing their laptop in for service.

Outlined are the services offered to Undergraduate and Graduate students at UNIT's TechZone.  For additional information please feel free to chat with us or contact us at