Phishing FAQ

What is phishing?

Phishing refers to an attack that uses email or a messaging service (like those on social media sites) that tricks or fools you into taking an action, such as clicking on a link or opening an attachment. By falling victim to such an attack, you risk having your highly sensitive information stolen and/or your computer infected.

Attackers work hard to make their phishing emails convincing. For example, they will make their email look like it came from someone or something you know, such as a friend or a trusted company you frequently use. They will even add logos of your bank or forge the email address so the message appears more legitimate. Then the attackers send these phishing emails to millions of people. They do not know who will fall victim, all they know is the more emails they send, the greater the chance for success. 

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What are 5 things I need to know to protect myself from phishing?

  1. Be suspicious of any email that requires "immediate action" or creates a sense of urgency.  This is a common technique used by criminals to rush people into making a mistake.
  2. Be suspicious of emails that contain grammar, spelling mistakes, or awkward writing styles.
  3. Never respond to an email requesting sensitive information
  4. Hover your mouse over a link as this will show you the true destination of where you would go if you actually clicked on the link. 
  5. Just because you receive a message from a known account does not mean they actually sent it. 

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Will I ever be asked to provide my personal information via email?

It is important to note that Villanova will never ask you for any personal information via an email communication.  If any message that you receive appears to be suspicious, please contact UNIT's TechZone immediately for assistance.

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What should I do if I believe my information was compromised?

For all Villanova related accounts, please reset as soon as possible by visiting Self Service Password Reset or calling our HelpDesk at 610-519-7777

For all personal accounts, please contact your respective institutions (financial, medical, and others) and request assistance in reseting your account credentials. 

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How do I report a phishing incident?

If you believe you have fallen victim to a phishing campaign, please call us at 610-519-7777 to speak to a HelpDesk professional staff member.

It is also suggested that you reset your password immediately by visiting Self Service Password Reset

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