Use of Computing and Information Resources

The use of the university's communication, computing, and information system must be consistent with the mission of the university.

The following computer and network uses are encouraged with the appropriate authorization:

  • Use of computers in student labs for class assignments
  • Instructor preparation
  • Thesis and dissertation research support
  • Publishable Research
  • Personal computing to improve computing literacy, or to learn new computer hardware and software
  • Use of public computers for review of generally available individual or campus information
  • Use of computers provided by the university to faculty and staff in support of their work
  • Approved use of the university's information and administrative systems
  • Use of INTERNET resources to promote collegial interaction and research


Authorization to use the campus' computing resources is provided with the creation of a user-id and password. Students, faculty, and staff will obtain a user-id when they begin their studies or tenure at Villanova. The user-id will provide access to basic computing services: Use of eMail, access to the Campus Wide Information System, and INTERNET, access to systems and information that are provided based on the group the person belongs to or the position s/he holds at the university. Access to additional resources will be provided by the appropriate department.

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Computing Resources

Personal Use

Use of computing resources for private or non-university related business is not permitted.