Access to Computing and Information Resources

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As technology has become an integral part of learning and working, access to computing and information resources is a necessity for students, faculty, and staff.

Access to information, standard, University supported software and local printing will be provided to most university constituents as a basic service through the issuance of a computer user-id. Most faculty and staff will receive a user-id when they begin their tenure at Villanova University. Students will be issued a user-id when they are accepted.

Members of the campus community should have access to computing tools and information required to be effective and efficient in their roles at the university.

Rules for Accessing Specific Systems and Information

  • Students, faculty, and staff should be able to view general data about themselves maintained by the University.
  • Access to selected institutional information will be granted to individuals by the appropriate data custodian. The data custodian is a designated person of a department that has primary responsibility for the maintenance and accuracy of a subset of institutional data.
  • Certain university information is automatically available to groups of people based on their role at the university, e.g.: students, faculty, staff, chair persons, directors, Vice Presidents, President. The position of a person at the university determines to which systems and information the individual has access.
  • Access to student record information shall comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

University constituents with a valid user-id have access to the INTERNET. Access to specific computing and information resources on the INTERNET is granted by other institutions or organizations. Users who wish to obtain access to remote computing and information resources should contact the access granting institution themselves.

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