Blackboard Winter Upgrade

Beginning on December 26th at 330AM/EST, Blackboard will be unavailable due to a system upgrade.  The downtime needed for this upgrade is 36 hours. While the system will be available periodically on December 26th and December 27th, please be advised that Villanova staff will be making additional changes to the system until 630PM/EST on December 27th. We advise that no changes be made by faculty or students during this time.

In compliance with updated university policies regarding data retention, CIT will archive old courses from Bb Learn.  Additionally, the license for storage in Bb is finite and requires us to purge courses from the system to stay within our limit.  All courses in the following terms to be archived: Spring16, Summer16, Fall16.  These courses will be stored offline for a period of five years. The policy for Blackboard courses can be found here.

If you have any questions, please email your Blackboard Learn coordinator or email CIT.

New/ Updated Features

Anonymous Grading: Grant Additional Attempt

Instructors can now grant an additional attempt for scenarios when the student needs one and the prior attempt can't be cleared because it is in an anonymous state.

Clear a Multiple-Choice Selection

Students are now able to clear a selection from multiple-choice questions. This lets students avoid a penalty when they’ve made an initial selection and negative points are associated with answer choices.

Grading in Blackboard Instructor App

This release provides support for grading in Blackboard Instructor. Instructors and graders can now easily identify courses where they need to grade student submissions. They can review, annotate, and grade submissions and quickly publish the grades back to students. (for more information on grading click here)

Recording Feedback

An instructor or grader can create personalized feedback recordings (audio only or video & audio) for individual gradable item attempts or manual gradebook items.  For example, you can create feedback recordings when grading an assignment, grading a discussion board, providing feedback within an assessment in the area, or providing feedback within a gradebook column.  Each recording can be up to 5 minutes long and can be either audio only or include video as well.  Feedback recordings are viewable to students as they view grading feedback within Blackboard. Click here for instructions on using Recording Feedback.

Adding Files from Cloud Storage (Google Drive, Dropbox) (OneDrive – Coming Soon)

Instructors and students can access their preferred cloud storage accounts (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box) (OneDrive – Coming Soon) within Blackboard, specifically within the Assignment and Content Items areas.  When you add a file from cloud storage, the system makes a copy of the file in your course.  For more information on how to link your Cloud Storage account with Blackboard, please visit this site.  Note: The integration between Blackboard and Microsoft OneDrive is being worked on.

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