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Mediasite Upgrade

Image of the My Mediasite interface on a laptop.

On August 5th, the Mediasite video platform will be upgrading and moving to the cloud. As the Mediasite video platform transitions, there will be a period of up to 24 hours of downtime for all functionality, including video playback, starting on 8/5/20 with full functionality returning on 8/6/20.  

What does this mean for viewers?

Content on the Mediasite system will be unavailable for playback starting on 8/5 and continuing to 8/6. While the cutover will occur quickly on 8/5, the ability for users to access the content will be restored more slowly as the new address of the system makes its way across the internet; for some, the outage may last an hour, and for others, it may last up to 24 hours. 

What does this mean for content creators?

During this transition, we ask that our MyMediasite users disable the automatic upload feature in their Mediasite Desktop Recorder application and discontinue uploading MP4’s using MyMediasite (ex: Zoom recording uploads) starting on 8/3 and continuing to 8/6. On Thursday, 08/06/20, you can resume full activities using MyMediasite and the Mediasite Desktop recorder.

During this time, all Mediasite Desktop recording operations will continue to work locally on your computer, and users can still create recordings during this upload outage. However, those recordings must be manually uploaded from your Mediasite Desktop Recorder, manage tab, beginning Thursday, 08/06/20. There are instructions below explaining how to disable the automatic upload feature in Mediasite Desktop Recorder before 08/03/20, as well as steps to reactivate the automatic upload feature on Thursday, 08/06/20. 

Disabling and Reactivating the Automatic Upload Feature in Mediasite Desktop Recorder (clickable link to PDF)


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