Skillsoft Online Learning


Skillsoft is an internationally awarded and recognized leader for providing online courseware, videos and other learning objects (“assets”) to enhance your professional and IT skills.  SkillPort is available 24/7 via your Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) Firefox and Chrome browsers.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

In addition to having an active account (request from UNIT's Help Desk), you must do a few things to get our computer ready to use Skillsoft. 

1.       Sound:  You need to have headphones or speakers plugged in to use Skillsoft to its fullest potential.  These can be purchased at any computer store.

2.       Flash:  Skillsoft uses the Flash application to deliver its courses, so you will need to ensure that you have a recent version. Skillsoft will prompt you if you need to download anything.


  • Features
    SkillSoft offers a significantly broader range of learning solutions to meet your learning needs.
    Learning plan development at the individual and manager contribution level, easy to navigate interface, catalogs that 'make sense,' pre- and post-tests to confirm necessity of course.
  • Courseware Expansion
    The courseware library has several topics and broad depth.  See the Course Catalog in Skillsoft.
  • Video Collection for Desktop Applications
    Review 3-5 minute videos on your favorite applications for the desktop: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many more.
  • Possible Applications
    Professional development, IT skill improvement, etc.


For faculty and staff unable to attend a UNIT Workshop, e-learning using Skillsoft is a great way to learn how to use many software programs or prepare for an exam.

A series of short, self-paced, interactive lessons and videos allow you to move at your own pace whenever you are available.

All that you need to use this service is:

  • a computer with internet acces
  • a browser
  • a set of speakers or headphones
  • a login account available from the Help Desk.

Login to Skillsoft if you already have an account.

Who Can Use Skillsoft?

  • Full-time and part-time faculty
  • Full-time and part-time staff

How can I get an account?

Contact the UNIT Helpdesk to request that an account be created for you.  Use the code SETS. Within 48 hours, your account will be created and your login information will be emailed to your Villanova address.

Technical Support

  • You can join Skillsoft's online community.
  • You can also ask one of their experts for assistance if you don't understand a concept from the course.

After you receive an account, you may want to take a 45 minute  workshop on How to Use Skillsoft.

Manuals and Guides

Learning Programs

Learning Programs can be found in the Villanova Learning Programs folder.  They contain course content, job aids and videos on a particular topic, such as Windows 8.  Click the icon to "enroll" and then begin the course from your My Plan tab.

Our Trainers

UNIT provides several certified trainers or subject matter experts (SMEs) to deliver the training content to you. UNIT's Instructional Technologies Department provides additional classroom technologies training.


Some of Our Trainers:

  • Rose DiSalvo, Web Design Trainer and Subject-Matter Expert
  • Susan Hill, Banner Trainer and Subject Matter Expert
  • Bryan Hines, Web Design Trainer and Subject-Matter Expertt
  • Catherine Kolongowski, Certified Trainer and Subject-Matter Expert-Instructional Technologies
  • David Mullen, Oracle Discoverer Trainer and Subject-Matter Expert
  • Richard Wack, Certified Trainer and Subject-Matter Expert-Instructional Technologies

and others.