NBC Learn

Workshop Description

NBC Learn Events at VU (Elective for Faculty)

In this workshop, attendees will learn about the NBC Learn archives which are integrated within Blackboard Learn. Attendees will be shown how to access the archives as well as search, preview and embed the videos into their course.  Other features include the Cue Card and downloading the videos for off-line viewing.  The content categories will be explored which are organized by discipline or searchable through key words. The system contains historic and current events. You may organize the videos in your course, additionally, students may access and view videos through the Blackboard portal. The trainer will spend some time going over the features of the Cue Card. The key features in the Cue Card include saving to a playlist, embedding into your Blackboard course, and printing a transcript of the event. The Citation feature within Cue Cards allows students to copy the citation information from a choice of three different citation format standards. A hands-on exercise will allow workshop participants to practice embedding NBC Learn videos into their Blackboard course.  In addition to adding the videos to content pages, videos can be included within interactive tools such as Discussion Board Forums. Instructors may utilize Blackboard’s tracking feature to monitor the students’ progress.

Prerequisite: Getting Started in Blackboard Learn 9.1 Workshop

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