Clicker Response Technology

Workshop Description

Clicker Response Technology (Elective for Faculty)

In this workshop participants will learn the basics for using student response systems also known as clickers.  Examples of how this technology is primarily used on campus will be discussed.  These include polling students on a particular issue or engaging them in a discussion.  They are also good for monitoring students understanding of information being presented.  It provides an opportunity to experience hands-on how the devices work.  The technology integrates with PowerPoint so existing lectures can be enhanced by adding “clicker” questions.  The various types of questions available and how to insert them into PowerPoint will be covered in the workshop.  PowerPoint is not required in order to use this software.  During the workshop participants will visit the TurningTechnologies website and learn how to download the free software.  While at the website we’ll also look at the documentation and help available to both faculty and students. This workshop focuses on the software and devices from Turning Technologies, the campus vendor.

Contact Cathy Kolongowski to reserve clickers.

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