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Adobe Acrobat is the leading PDF converter which includes smart tools that give you the ability to communicate better with your audience. Portable Document Format (PDF) is now an open standard for electronic document exchange. When you convert content to PDF, it looks as it would if it were printed. PDF files can also contain clickable links and buttons, form fields, video, and audio — as well as logic to help automate routine business processes. When you share a PDF file, virtually anyone can read it using free Adobe Reader® software.


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Embed Comments into a .pdf document

This is great for putting notes on papers you are grading for students or sharing the .pdf with others who need to see your comments.

Creating Bookmarks

If you want to create bookmarks in a .pdf that doesn't have them, this is a easy function to use. (Note: If you use heading styles before converting the documetn to .pdf, they are automatically created.)