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Workshop Descriptions and Resources

The following list contains a link to an applications page which contains:

  • Workshop Descriptions
  • Skillsoft Learning Programs
  • Manuals & Quick Start Guides
  • Website Resources
  • YouTube Videos
  • Blogs
  • Discussion Boards/Forums

Workshop Descriptions

The descriptions list the title, recommended audience, length, and objective. They are designated as “Core” (essential to your job/title) or “Elective” (a professional development option.)  All workshops are free and are limited to 2 hours or less in length. To register for a workshop, see the Workshops and Training Schedules page.

Skillsoft Learning Programs 

Skillsoft has quick start learning programs that have lessons, videos, and job aids in one location.  If you need a Skillsoft account, please contact the Help Desk (9-7777.)

Manuals & Quick Start Guides

The guides are in .pdf format.  If you need to distribute them to a Villanova University class or administrative department, please feel free.  Many are from either UNIT, Element K's Kcards or Custom Guide (they have more on their website you can download for free.)

Website Resources

Website resources for tips and training instruction.  In addition to clicking the application's HELP icon, the vendor usually has a "Support" site which may contain manuals, training videos, etc.  In other instances, video training may appear on a University site, and where appropriate, those sites are listed.

YouTube Videos, Blogs & Disucssion Boards

YouTube videos, blogs & disucssion boards are available as additional learning resources.  Feel free to use Google to search for others to aid in your learning.

Workshops/Manuals-Guides/Website Resources: