Easy Vista Service Desk Instructions

Below are instructions for using Easy Vista to submit a ticket.

Easy Vista requires your LDAP (MyNova username and password) login. If you are having trouble with this, please try resetting your password here.


Welcome to Easy Vista Self- Service Portal.

Click EV image to be directed to Unit's New Service Desk System.


Choose your submission type (Incident or Request)


Once you choose Incident you will see this screen, fill out the information pertaining to your problem and choose submit.  An incident will be generated and you will receive an email.  Please be as detailed as possible in your description.


Choosing Request, you will be brought to a top 10 list.

If you see red question mark icon, you will have to select it before you proceed.  There are questions that must be answered before request can be processed. Follow the defaults and request will be processed.


Once you hit submit you will see this screen and it gives you the ticket # and sends an email to you confirming the information

Still need help? Visit this page to review your help and support options.

* EV.pdf
Easy Vista Service Desk Instructions Download

Submit ticket here.