Imaging & Data Integration (Nolij)

The Nolji Web product would be viewed similarly to our Reporting tools — it links to and is integrated with the Banner System, but not part of it. Additionally, the Nolji Transfer product is also an integrator in that it allows data from various external sources to be imported to the Banner System.

Nolji Web

Nolij Web is a robust web-based solution designed as a key enabler for your enterprise. Imaging is, by definition, the capture, storage, enhancement, retrieval, manipulation, and display of hardcopy documents. Nolij Web document imaging solution provides ready access to documents and related information whenever and wherever needed.

In addition to providing enhanced access to data, Nolij Web document imaging dramatically improves responsiveness to both internal and external customers. Requisite capabilities such as annotation, workflow, reporting, collaboration, scanning, indexing, storage, and retrieval – all standard features of the Nolij Web document imaging solution – are designed to assist with capturing and eliminating your paper (and digital) backlog and increasing overall process speed and accuracy.

Nolji Transfer

Nolij Transfer is a web-based data matching, review and upload solution for pushing all types of electronic (e.g., CollegeNet, ApplyYourself, CommonApp, SAT, ACT, AP, GRE, LSAT, etc.) or paper based (e.g., recruit cards, applications, etc.) information into your database. Nolij Transfer allows for the automated data entry of information extracted from hand-printed paper forms (e.g., recruit card), web forms, text files, and virtually any other input format. Nolij Transfer is designed to significantly reduce your data entry effort without adding significant cost to your operation.