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Using Self Service Password Reset

What information do I need to know to complete this process?


What information do I need to know to complete this process?

There are 2 things that you will need to know beforehand in order to complete this process:

1) Your Birthdate

2) Alternate Email Address: In order to use SSPR, you will need to register an Alternate Email Address. This email address cannot be your Villanova Email Address. This email address will be used for the SSPR process ONLY. It will NOT replace your Villanova Email account.
  • Search for "Update personal information"
  • Login using your villanova email user id and password
  • Under Personal Information, click the link to “Update Email Addresses”
  • Click the drop down list next to “Type of Email Address to Insert”
  • Select the last option “Permanent Home Email Address”
  • Type in the Alternate Email address you wish to register, then click “Submit”
  • This will NOT make any changes on how your Villanova Email account is setup in our system


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How does this process work? 

  • Go to and click on the “Forgot Password Link”
  • Select the option “VU accounts with Alternate Email Address”
  • Supply the information requested and click “Submit”
  • An email will be sent to the Alternate email address that you entered (which is the one you registered in our system)
  • Go to your Alternate Email Address and check your mail
  • An email will be there from with instructions on how to retrieve your password 

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What if I don’t have an Alternate Email Address?

  • If you don’t currently have an Alternate Email Address, you can still use the SSPR process, you just need to select the option “Employees w/o Alternate Email Address”.  Follow the instructions on the screen to retrieve your password
  • If you would like to get an alternate email address, you can easily sign up with your internet service provider, Google, Yahoo, etc. There are many options out there and most if not all are a free service

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As an Employee of the University (Facultyor Staff) – it is important to remember: For all official communication with its Employee, Villanova uses either electronic or hard copy communication methods, or both, depending on the circumstances. Employees are responsible for receiving, reading, and, as required and appropriate, acting upon all such communications.

Please note: Spam is an ever growing problem, never follow a hyperlink in an email that is asking you to change your password. 

How do you know if it is a Scam or Email Phishing?

  • Any message requesting username, account password, date of birth, or name information is generally a scam or phishing attempt.  Never email personal, account, or financial information at any time.  At no point in time, will UNIT ever request this information in an email message.
  • A message that is signed by Villanova or some variation of a "support" team and comes from an off campus email.
  • A message that says Villanova is going to disable your account if you do not reply.
  • Always read emails carefully, keep in mind that attackers are now using university logos, terminology and copying websites to appear official. 

If it's determined that this is spam ot phishing, delete the message. If you are not sure, contact the Help desk at 610.519.7777 or online at Self Service Helpdesk.


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