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Alumni Gmail

Who is eligible?

Students who have completed the required coursework to have a degree conferred to them from the University

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Can I sign up if I already have Gmail?

Your personal Gmail account will not be impacted.  Villanova will create a Gmail account.  Villanova will issue your email address, user id and password to access your email account.

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What about my data? Is it private?

While every attempt will be made to keep email messages secure, privacy is not guaranteed and users should have no expectation of privacy in their email messages.  Under certain circumstances, university officials or Google reserve the right to access an email account for various reasons and suspend service to particular account.  Click here to view the University’s email policy; click here to view Villanova Gmail Terms of Service.

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Is email permanently available?

University alumni will be permitted to retain their email privileges if their account remains active.  All email accounts that are inactive for a period of one year will be removed.  Alumni wishing to reconnect with the university can request an account and one may be provided to them.  For alumni who do not wish to participate in the opt-in service to receive a Gmail Account, the University will hold the email address for one year.  At the end of the year, the available email address may be reused.  In the event the University terminates or otherwise ceases its contractual relationship with Google regarding the Gmail Accounts, those alumni with Gmail Accounts may lose email privileges for the Gmail Accounts in accordance with the terms of the Google contract.  Notice will be provided as soon as reasonably possible. 

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How much space will I have?

Google provides 30GB of space

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I was an Alumnus that lost my email privileges. Do I get a Gmail account?

Yes, all alumni are eligible for this service.

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What if I choose not to opt in?

The University will hold the email address for 1 year.  At the end of the 1 year, the available email address may be reused.

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Can I get the email account I had before?

Email addresses for Alumni are based on your University UserID.

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Can I select my own password to start?

No, the University will provide the password.  Click here to change your password.

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Can I log into the Villanova website if I opt in?

Only sites that are identified to be accessible to Alumni.

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Can I retrieve the messages that were in my account when it was inactivated?

No, the old account was removed and the mail, contacts, etc. no longer exists.

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How do I get an account?

For Alumni that graduated prior to 2008, an opt-in service is available.  Click here. You will need to agree to certain terms of service.You will need to agree to certain terms of service.

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Can I forward my new account to another account?

Yes,email forwarding from your Gmail Alumni account is available.

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Is email forwarding through the Nova Network still available?

No.  In the past, Villanova University Alumni Association has offered an email forwarding option to provide our alumni with a centralized service. The University's vendor, Harris Connect, is no longer in business, and therefore, we cannot support this service after 5/1/2015. Alumni can show their Wildcat pride by using a Villanova Gmail account and receive a '' email address. Your account will allow you to send and receive email unlike the email forwarding accounts.  All Villanova alumni are eligible for a Villanova Gmail account, even if you did not have a Villanova email account while attending the University. If you had an email account as a student at Villanova, you will be able to receive mail at the same '' address.
Click here if you would like to opt-in for Villanova Gmail. Please contact the Alumni Office at 1-800-VILLANOVA if you have any questions.

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Will I get more email from the University if I sign up for this system?

If you never provided an email address to Villanova in the past, then yes you will receive additional messages. Otherwise, the number of email messages you receive from the University will remain the same.

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Are there any restrictions on the use of my email account?

Yes. You may not use your email account for certain prohibited purposes.  Click here to view the University’s email policy; Click here for Google’s Acceptable Use Policy.

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I am a University employee and also an alumnus, why do I have two accounts?

University employee email services are provided by a separate service (Exchange Online).  You have two accounts because you previously had a Villanova Gmail account as a student or alumnus and then started working for the University as a faculty and/or staff member. Once you are hired as an employee of the University, your email account will reside within Exchange ONline. This account will be your primary account as long as you are employed at Villanova. You will retain access your Villanova Gmail account to view historical messages.  Messages are not migrated between the two mail systems.

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As an employee, which account can I receive and send email at?

You can send emails from either your Villanova Alumni Gmail account or your Exchange Online account.  Due to compliance requirements, only your Exchange Online account will be able to receive messages.

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Can I opt to use my Villanova Gmail account as my primary account as an employee?


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When I leave the University will I still have an email account?

As an employee, When you leave the University your Exchange Online account will be de-activated as per the "Expiration of Accounts" section of the Email Policy and your primary account will be Villanova Gmail again. Therefore, you will start receiving all your email at your Villanova Gmail account.

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