Information Technology Strategic Plan

Information Technology Strategic Plan 2011 - 2013
Executive Summary

Information Technology (IT) has an important role in realizing the mission of the University. IT enriches the university’s teaching, learning, research and administrative endeavors, enhances the student experience, simplifies collaborations and communications, and empowers our community.

This document, prepared by the Office for University Information Technology (UNIT), outlines the strategic vision for technology at the University as well as strategic goals for the attainment of this vision. The IT Strategic Plan aligns to the University’s Strategic Plan and provides a road map to capitalize on our established technological assets, maximize both human and financial resources, leverage existing internal and external technology expertise, and provide the University administration with projections of future technology initiatives. 

In support of these goals and pursuit of this vision, both the administration of the University and UNIT have continuously made substantial investments in the technologies that have helped support Villanova’s position as a preeminent institution of higher learning.  Over the past ten years, the technological landscape of the campus has transformed significantly.  The university has exploited the availability and evolution of the internet, personal computing and mobility. Technology use across campus has continued a trend of double-digit transactional growth rates. This trend will not only continue, but also intensify.

Innovative, adaptable and scalable information technology solutions and resources will help facilitate key elements of University Strategy and permit Villanova to execute its core academic and administrative functions in new and more effective ways. Plans are already underway to utilize and further exploit the “Cloud” as an alterntive delivery platform and Social Computing to enhance communication and collaboration.

Changes in technology are creating new opportunities to enhance teaching, learning and research, advance new functionality, maintain our commitment to service excellence, and enhance the technological experience on campus while comprehensively managing a security and information program for the university. We continue to contemplate trends in higher education and more broadly those trends affecting expectations of faculty and students such as “choice”,  the blurring distinction between enterprise and personal use, the need to be “open” and outcomes oriented.

In the next five years, it is imperative that the established infrastructure become increasingly scalable, adaptive and cost effective with specific focus on Constituent Relationship Management, Classroom and Learning Technologies, Social Media Technologies,  Business Intelligence, creating an “enabled platform” for users, increasing the infrastructure agility of the university, recognize and support the growing consumerism of technology, focus on improving enterprise productivity and providing increased value to the Villanova community. 

The University Information Technology Strategic Plan is a living document, with the primary purpose to serve as a communication vehicle across the institution. Developing an IT strategic plan for a three to five year period is difficult in the rapidly changing environment of technology. UNIT will work closely with the University IT governance committees to ensure that the technology direction and plans will be updated annually.

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