Administrative IT Charter  

As an integral part of the University’s IT governance structure, the Administrative IT Committee represents the needs and requirements of the administrative community and provides feedback, input and advice to the University IT Committee (UCIT) on strategies, policies, initiatives and major projects that support the administrative IT needs at Villanova University.  As needed, the Administrative IT Committee will present projects to UCIT and work with UCIT to acquire University funding. Furthermore, the Administrative IT Committee will participate in academic IT initiatives that require data access or integration between administrative systems and academic software systems.

The committee will do much of its work in subcommittees including the following:

Banner systems, CRM Software solutions for student recruitment, Salesforce, Data Integrity/Data Standards and Business Intelligence.  Subcommittees will report to ADIT to ensure that all administrative IT integrations, planning and operational functions work in tandem across all administrative areas and administrative systems.


* Administrative IT Charter October 14, 2015.docx
The detailed charter of the ADIT committee can be found here



Membership of the committee will include at least one standing member from each major area of the Banner, CRM (e.g. Radius, Bisk, Pearson-Embanet) and Salesforce systems.

Name Department Title
Alice Faraone UNIT Asst Director Bus Intignce and DB Admin
Cletus Rickert UNIT Director of University Information Systems
Julia Turnbull UNIT Asst Director of Enterprise Applications
Susan Morgan Admissions/IMG Technical Coordinator for Admission
Stephen Magliocco Financial Assistance/IMG Director of Technology Services for Financial Assistance
Sarah Lodise  Enrollment Management Director of Enrollment Management Analytics
Catherine Connor Enrollment Management Interim Dean, Enrollment Management
Marie Schauder Student Life/Residence Life Associate Director of Housing/Resident Hall Operations
Marybeth Avioli Student Life  Student Life Technical Coordinator
Jenn Brophy Athletics Assoc Director of Academic Support
Michael Zellman Advancement Senior Director of Advancement Services
Maura Ewing Human Resources Director, HRIS and Data
Rob Mott Finance Assistant Controller
Charles Hoffman Bursar Bursar
Jeffrey Palmer Provost - Manager Academic Finance


Membership Responsibilities

· Create and manage data standards within and across administrative systems (particularly Banner, Salesforce and CRM systems and NOLIJ integrations between key systems).  

· Work with UNIT to ensure that the administrative systems are working properly and are current.  

· Manage hardware and software upgrades so that all system owners on the Administrative IT team can manage their enterprises, test upgrades in a timely fashion, and share issues with the team.  

· Promote new software solutions that would benefit the membership as related to the shared Banner database and integrations with other administrative software systems.  

· Manage security and rules for data and forms (with UNIT) including ensuring that security roles are consistent across various software systems.  

· Evaluate and discuss how to share data across Banner modules and other administrative software systems including those noted on UNIT’s Banner integration chart (see Appendix A)

· Develop strategies for campus wide reporting out of administrative systems so that reports are accurate, timely and are approved by data owners.

· Ensure that the University is using the best possible reporting solution(s).

· Develop and manage a process that all administrative areas would use when asking for new administrative software.  

· Act as a clearinghouse for the purchase of new software that “touches” Banner and ensure that new software does not cause unexpected consequences.   

·  Act as a clearinghouse for student developed systems/applications that use or interface with Banner.  

· Become an official voice that can bring projects and issues to UNIT and/or UCIT for action, advice and funding.  

· Ensure that project plans for new software implementations, as well as related upgrades, include the appropriate offices that are knowledgeable and responsible for data used by the new system.  

· Ensure that UNIT projects that impact administrative IT are planned and scheduled with the committee’s approval.  

· Ensure that security and data access protocols for all administrative systems use the same “logic” and conditions so that the University is secure and compliant with data security requirements.  

· Ensure the consideration of downstream impacts of decisions and implementations and include those downstream systems in testing and signoff.  




· Banner – to include at least one representative from each Banner system and appropriate UNIT staff

· CRM Software – to include at least one representative from each key CRM software system and appropriate UNIT staff

· Salesforce – to include at least one representative from Advancement as well as an appropriate UNIT staff

· Data Integrity/Data Standards – to include at least one representative from Enrollment Management, Finance, Human Resources/Payroll, Advancement and Student Life as well as UNIT staff who are responsible for the integrations and interfaces between administrative systems

· Business Intelligence  - to include key report developers from Banner, CRM and Salesforce systems as well as UNIT staff who develop reports, data warehouses and the like to support the University’s reporting needs.


Organization and Meetings

The Administrative IT Committee will meet regularly to discuss issues, projects and calendar management as related to items that cross the administrative systems.

The Banner, CRM solutions and Salesforce subcommittees will meet as needed to conduct business specifically related to those software sets and will report back to the Administrative IT Committee on a regular basis.

The Data Integrity/Data Standards subcommittee will meet regularly to review current data standards and issues and develop solutions to inconsistencies that will be agreed upon by all stakeholders. This subcommittee will also be charged with reviewing protocols for granting access to administrative systems as well as subsets of those systems to ensure compliance with University and federal regulations regarding privacy.

The Business Intelligence subcommittee will meet regularly to discuss reporting tools, reporting responsibilities, report training and the sharing of reports across administrative boundaries.


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