Villanova University Social Media Content Submission Form

Social media is all about creating a community where information can be shared readily. Please find the content submission form below to share news and updates on the main Villanova University accounts.

This form will enable representatives of entities across campus to request publication of their content (e.g., photos, video, announcements or notices, and website URLs) on the primary Villanova University Facebook, Twitter or Flickr accounts, which have large, engaged audiences.

provide at least 5 days notice
In most instances, your message should link to other more detailed content. Please include a link to that content.

Content Submissions Will Be Reviewed

University Communications and Marketing will review submission requests and, if appropriate, post content on one or more of the primary official Villanova University social media accounts as directed. In the alternative, University Communication may determine that a posting is better suited to another officially recognized Villanova account and approach that account’s administrator(s). University Communications and Marketing reserves the right to make changes to submitted copy in order to maintain consistency in voice and language. All changes made to the submission by University Communications and Marketing will be shared with department/group making the request for approval.