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President's Report 2016-2017

Father Peter's reading glasses with the words "Through the Lens" on one side

Dear Friends,

Every day, I am inspired by our faculty and students to look at the world in new ways. To me, this is essential work for a university, and it is at the very heart of Villanova’s academic culture and mission. To be inspired and challenged is to be called to learn, and I am proud to be part of a University community whose members never turn down that invitation.

Villanova has grown and expanded over the past several years, and yet the University remains rooted in our Augustinian Catholic mission and the pursuit of academic excellence at all levels. As you explore the stories of scholarship and research included in this year’s President’s Report, I invite you to take a look at Villanova through a different lens. Perhaps you will see us in a way that you haven’t before.

As an academic community, our view spans from the ocean depths to the distant stars, and from the mysteries of the body to the intricacies of the mind. We focus our work on projects that are important to the common good and commit to causes we are passionate about.

Villanova faculty and students work side by side in the classroom, in the lab, in the field and in the community, making discoveries in ways that are collaborative, creative and productive. We are passionate, dedicated scholars—asking probing question after probing question until an answer is in sight.

Villanova was built in the vision of St. Augustine as a place where people could come together to apply their curiosity, their passion and their intellect in service of the world. More than 175 years after our founding, we are at a transformative moment in our history. Villanova’s academic programs, national reputation and student profile are being enhanced at a remarkable rate, and it’s a credit to the people who built and make up our community.

I invite you to get to know us even better. I have a feeling you will see Villanova in a new light.


Father Peter's handwritten signature

The Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, ’75

Together, Igniting Change

You attain wisdom by seeking truth in the company of friends. That’s the Villanova way. Exploration and inquiry have always been fundamental to education at Villanova, where asking challenging questions and pursuing often complex answers are not impediments to progress but opportunities for collaboration on the path to discovery.

Villanova's Focus On...

Helping Families Thrive

Promoting the welfare and addressing the special health needs of vulnerable populations require multidisciplinary perspectives. Faculty from across Villanova’s colleges research health disorders, psychological behaviors and public policies, leading to improved diagnoses and informed choices.

Responding to People's Needs and Hopes

Researchers and scholars are attuned to the physical, social and spiritual needs of persons and communities. They put their ideas to work to improve quality of life and implement viable solutions, often in tandem with external partners.

Revealing Hidden Truths

Uniting history with modern culture, scholars at Villanova seek answers to difficult questions by critically reexamining the past and challenging cultural assumptions about the present. By bringing untold narratives to light, they shift perspectives on history and culture, and contribute new context to today’s world.

Protecting the Planet

Principles of sustainability govern and guide the University, which recognizes the sacredness of creation and the responsibility of global stewardship. This consciousness influences curricula and permeates research.

Understanding How Things Work

What constitutes the universe? What controls objects on the go? What drives human behavior? Questions about matter, motion and mind absorb faculty and students. They seek answers that have practical outcomes and spark new inquiries.

Analyzing Tech's Power and Portent

Innovations and new trends create incredible potential—and unforeseen implications. The world continues to accelerate through technology, and Villanova faculty address the ramifications and contribute to the understanding of technical advancements and their impact on households, workplaces and society at large.

Additional Information

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