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Career Services More Essential Than Ever During Pandemic

Villanova’s Career Center helps connect employers, students and alumni remotely.


Laptop showing a video conferencing call with Career Services staff
Video conferencing allows Villanova’s Career Center to connect virtually with employers, students, alumni and one another.

COVID-19 may have curtailed in-person events and appointments, but it didn’t stop Villanova from providing hands-on career support throughout the pandemic. 

In fact, Villanova’s Career Center actually ramped up its offerings—with an 83 percent jump in the number of career counseling appointments conducted year over year. 

“There is a lot that has stopped, but not the whole world has stopped,” Kevin Grubb, executive director of the Career Center, told The Philadelphia Inquirer in April. Villanova students and alumni still had the opportunity to sharpen their skills, make themselves more marketable, and prepare for job and internship opportunities and career advancement.

Counselors facilitated virtual recruiting events and information sessions with partner employers and hosted a series of career webinars for experienced professionals. 

In addition to this one-on-one support and live programming, the Career Center also worked with staff from departments across campus to build a set of online career resources that Villanovans could log onto anytime to access support. 

Thousands of students, recent graduates and alumni accessed the website, which offers tailored recommendations for various career scenarios—from seeking full-time employment and accepting a job offer to bouncing back from a rescinded offer, job loss or furlough. 

“Career and professional development is a community-wide effort,” Grubb says. “The Career Center is a leader and convener of career services efforts rather than the sole provider. We are continually inspired by the way Villanovans show up for each other, in person or online, making connections in meaningful, organic ways.”