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How Bad Bosses Harm Themselves

A new study examines the effects of workplace abuse on the perpetrators themselves.


Villanova School of Business Associate Professor Manuela Priesemuth, PhD, took a commonly researched topichow abusive managers negatively affect their employeesand flipped it on its head.

In newly published research in The Journal of Applied Psychology, Dr. Priesemuth and her co-author explored the novel question: What are the implications of this bad behavior for the bosses themselves?

It turns out workplace bullying comes at a significant social cost to abusive bosses, Dr. Priesemuth found.

Most notably, they feel less valued and appreciated at work, which in turn negatively impacts their job performance, career trajectory and their department as a whole.

The good news is the research also showed that the majority of supervisors felt and understood the social repercussions of their actions and were willing to change.

Dr. Priesemuth also penned articles for Psychology Today and the Harvard Business Review, digging deeper into the findings and how they relate to some of her previous work on destructive leadership, workplace aggression and organizational fairness.

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