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Building a Foundation for Success

The Victoria and Justin Gmelich ’90 Lab for Financial Markets is designed to develop the next generation of business leaders.


Full lab of students working in the Gmelich Lab for Financial Markets
When the new Victoria and Justin Gmelich ’90 VSB Lab for Financial Markets opened its doors in November 2019, it didn't take long for VSB students to utilize this business technology hub.

Designed to replicate a Wall Street trading floor, the Victoria and Justin Gmelich ’90 Lab for Financial Markets aims to give today’s Villanova School of Business students a leading edge in tomorrow’s workforce.

The $3 million, 1,500-square-foot technology hub establishes an even stronger connection between the classroom and the business world, improves experiential learning opportunities with alumni and employers, and increases the technological proficiency of all students.  

“As emerging tech continues to transform finance, real estate, analytics, management information systems and other disciplines, this lab creates even more opportunities for our students to enter the professional world at a competitive advantage,” says Joyce E. A. Russell, PhD, the Helen and William O’Toole Dean at VSB.

The Gmelich Lab is the latest addition to VSB’s available spaces for hands-on learning. The Laboratory for Advancement of Interdisciplinary Research (LAIR), a dedicated space for VSB faculty and students to conduct cutting-edge research and experiments, launched in September 2018.