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Driven to Pursue Wisdom

Forging ahead as leaders of research and education in the 21st century, Villanova’s academic community persevered through the pandemic to advance knowledge, theory and practice.

"Through a
rigorous pursuit of knowledge,
you find truth."

—The Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, ’75, President


Man in observatory looking up at starry night sky


• A prominent theology scholar at Villanova is working to shift the paradigm when it comes to religion and science research.

• With two new grants from the National Science Foundation, Villanova will be able to provide new research training and experiences for students in astronomy, physics and biology.

• Three Villanova professors have received the NSF’s most prestigious awards in support of early-career faculty.

Chaim Saiman

Illuminating Principles of Faith

Examining the intersection of religion and law, Chaim Saiman, JD, professor of Law, took his seat as Villanova Law’s inaugural Chair in Jewish Law in August 2019.

Students working in the Gmelich Financial Lab

Building a Foundation for Success

The Victoria and Justin Gmelich ’90 Lab for Financial Markets aims to give today’s VSB students a leading edge in tomorrow’s workforce.


Preparing Leaders in the Workplace

A new certificate in Inclusion and Diversity Strategy will provide students with the tools to lead and support strategic inclusion and diversity efforts in a variety of organizational settings.

A female nursing student taking vitals as part of a simulation

Partnering to Improve Parkinson's Care

A partnership is bringing together students from Villanova Nursing and PCOM to improve care for hospitalized patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Testing the Water

Virginia Smith, PhD, is looking to the past to determine how river systems respond to major environmental changes.

Building a Network of Advocates

Professor of Law Michelle Pistone, JD, LLM, has spent the past several years designing an innovative online program to train immigrant advocates.

Youth Activism: Making an Impact

A new generation of activists has emerged, increasingly adding their voices to conversations about justice and change.

Reaching Out to a Remote Workforce

Villanova’s College of Professional Studies and Graduate Liberal Arts and Sciences launched a series of free webinars and podcasts this past spring to offer much-needed career- and leadership-oriented advice

Meeting a Vital Need

Dr. Melissa O’Connor is one of 11 nurse scientists nationwide to earn a spot in the inaugural cohort of the Betty Irene Moore Fellowships for Nurse Leaders and Innovators.

How Bad Bosses Harm Themselves

Villanova School of Business Associate Professor Manuela Priesemuth, PhD, took a commonly researched topic—how abusive managers negatively affect their employees—and flipped it on its head.

Thought Leaders

Villanova’s world-class faculty share their expertise with national outlets on a wide variety of current events and areas of study. Here are a few sound bites:

“It’s not as if one day in October 2017 people started saying ‘Me too’ and that changed everything.”

—Michelle Madden Dempsey, Professor of Law and Harold Reuschlein Scholar Chair, Charles WIdger School of Law, CNN

“In reality, the temperance movement was anything but pinky-raising Victorians forbidding society to drink. Temperance was the longest-running, most widely supported social movement in both American and global history.”

—Mark Lawrence Schrad, PhD, associate professor, Political Science, The New York Times

“To be honest, I hate the term ‘Tornado Alley.’ What people need to understand is that if you live east of the continental divide, tornadoes can affect you.”

—Stephen Strader, PhD, assistant professor, Geography and the Environment, The Washington Post