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Faculty Fulbright Mentors and Recipients

The success of all of our graduates is a testament to their hard work, keen intellect and drive to create meaningful change as they move on to Fulbright grants and other post-baccalaureate awards, to graduate programs, to professional careers or to volunteer service.

Our graduates are prepared for wherever life may take them because they have been mentored by our faculty and staff, who care deeply about the intellectual, personal and spiritual growth of each individual.

In this year's President's Report, we've highlighted a few of the faculty members who make a difference every day in the lives of our students, and whose work has also been enriched by the personal connections they’ve made with students. Some were mentors to Fulbright recipients this year, and others have been named Fulbright Scholars themselves. All are examples of our teacher-scholar model, which is a hallmark of a Villanova education.

Faculty Fulbright Mentors

Silhouette of Samantha Chapman

Samantha Chapman, PhD

Associate professor, Biology

A Biology professor helps grow a new generation of scientists

Silhouette of Maghan Keita

Maghan Keita, PhD

Professor, History and GIS

This globally minded professor travels with students on an intellectual journey that bridges many disciplines and cultures

Silhouette of Bridget Wadzuk

Bridget Wadzuk, PhD, ’00

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

An Engineering professor engages her students to take a hands-on approach to stormwater management

Faculty Fulbright Recipients

Silhouette of Tuan Samahon

Tuan Samahon, JD

Professor of Law

This legal scholar’s Fulbright to teach in Croatia developed stronger bonds between our countries

Silhouette of Ruth McDermott-Levy

Ruth McDermott-Levy ’96 MSN, ’08 PhD, RN

Associate professor and director, Center for Global and Public Health

How this nurse scientist advances environmental health internationally and with her students

Silhouette of Garrett Clayton

Garrett Clayton, PhD

Associate professor of Mechanical Engineering

This Engineering professor discovered a passion for humanitarian robotics and deepened it through Fulbright