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President's Report Stories

Transformation is at the heart of the Villanova experience. In this year's President's Report, we've highlighted just a few student journeys that embody what that transformation looks like at a personal level.

As Villanova President the Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, '75, said in his opening letter, "Although we cannot capture the experiences of 10,000 students and 123,000 alumni in one publication, each of these stories resounds with the people and the foundational elements that make the Villanova experience so distinctive—and one that profoundly changes hearts and minds."

See Villanova through the eyes of 11 students who demonstrate the excellence of our academic programming at all levels—undergraduate, adult and online learning, graduate, doctoral and law.

Follow Each Student's Personal Journey

Carissa Anthony smiling and standing with arms crossed

Carissa Anthony

Villanova School of Business MBA candidate

Why this MBA candidate left the corporate ladder behind for a new beginning in academia

Elizabeth Cullen smiling and seated facing left

Elizabeth Cullen

Senior Chemical Engineering major

The Engineering program that fuses this senior’s love for academics and service

Waqar Rehman stands smiling with arms crossed

Waqar Rehman

Third-year student, Charles Widger School of Law

The guiding principle that propels each step of this Law student’s Villanova journey

Kerlyn Rodriguez smiling and standing with one hand on hip

Kerlyn Rodriguez

2018 M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing graduate

The support system that made this first-generation college graduate feel at home at Villanova and abroad

Tim Sweeney stands smiling with arms crossed

Tim Sweeney

2018 College of Professional Studies graduate

The personal connection that inspired this recent graduate to re-enroll after 10 years

Sister Dung Trang stands smiling with arms crossed

Sister Dung Trang

PhD in Theology student

How the Augustinian approach transformed this PhD student’s experience of learning

Connor Williams smiling and standing with hands in pockets

Connor Williams

Senior Physics major

How community accelerates academic growth for this Physics major

Terry Williams smiling and standing with eyeglasses in his hands

Terry Williams

MS in Sustainable Engineering student

This online learner’s immersive experience has been anything but remote

Andrew Wykowski smiling and standing with arms crossed

Andrew Wykowski

Junior Management Information Systems major

Why this standout leader on campus isn’t afraid to embrace disability as part of his identity

In Their Own Words

Two students reflect on their unique journeys through Villanova

Madiah Gant smiling and standing with arms crossed

Madiah Gant

Senior Global Interdisciplinary Studies major, specializing in Africana Studies

Chuck Smith smiling and standing with arms at his sides

Chuck Smith

Senior Biology major, Pre-Med program