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Villanova University President's Report


You attain wisdom by seeking truth in the company of friends.
That’s the Villanova way.

Father Peter's eyeglasses

Exploration and inquiry have always been fundamental to education at Villanova, where asking challenging questions and pursuing often complex answers are not impediments to progress but opportunities for collaboration on the path to discovery.

Peer through the lens and perhaps gain a new perspective on Villanova. A picture of a community comes into sharp focus, one that is based in scholarship and teaching—in the creation and advancement of knowledge and the sharing of knowledge. Faculty are teachers and scholars in equal measure, engaging the minds of the academic community to search for answers and set the foundation for future discovery. They care deeply for their students, immersing them in the process of learning and innovating, all for the common good. The knowledge and insights that they achieve together—as teachers, scholars, students and partners— have the potential to change the world in ways both big and small.

How Villanova approaches teaching, scholarship and research is an extension of the University’s perspective on the purpose of an education, which is rooted in the centuries-old Augustinian tradition and in the University’s own 175-year history. You learn by doing. You learn by both failing and succeeding. You learn by teaching. You learn together, knowing that the collective achievement is more powerful than the individual victory. You ignite change in the world by creating and sharing knowledge.