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The Nation's Augustinian Catholic University

Become what you are not yet.

– St. Augustine


Trying to understand where you belong within a global society is key to the Augustinian journey. This journey—your journey— focuses on the whole person, where truth, unity and love come together to lay a foundation that helps our students reach higher than they ever thought possible. Ours is a supportive and caring community of learners, where the talents of each person elevate the whole University. We look out for each other and help those in need. Villanovans collaborate together and celebrate one another.

We are a community of learners.


To be Augustinian is to believe in bettering your whole self. Through an examined life, you’ll pursue and obtain knowledge that will help you better understand the world around you. This intellectual curiosity leads to self-discovery. And the more you discover, the more you’ll want to examine your place and your surroundings, locally and globally.

It’s about understanding. It’s about enlightenment. And it’s about becoming a better person, not just a more educated one.

It’s about unity, not uniformity. Here, we encourage you to be your true self.


To be Augustinian is to believe that we’re all in this together. That each of us empowers all of us. You’ll feel this strong sense of community in the classroom, on the field and even in the simple action of opening the door for someone. These beliefs create a special bond— a lifelong connection and support system that helps you achieve more than you ever could on your own.

It’s about harmony. It’s about unity. And it’s about strengthening yourself by strengthening others.

This journey — your journey — focuses on the whole person.


To be Augustinian is to believe the best way to improve your own life is by improving the lives of others. And you’ll be amazed at how this selfless attitude can spark a lifelong passion for service. You’ll find yourself thinking of the greater good while working on a research project. Or if an organization that champions your cause doesn’t exist, you’ll simply create your own— and suddenly find yourself surrounded by supporters.

It’s about selflessness and charity.

Through a rigorous pursuit of knowledge, you will seek TRUTH

Through a tight-knit community, you will achieve UNITY

Through putting others first, you will feel LOVE

Truth, Unity, Love. They’re more than three important Augustinian principles.

They’re what make Villanova, Villanova.

Villanova University: The Nation's Augustinian Catholic University