Who's Who and What We Do



Bernadette Dierkes, Director

610-519-7319 / bernadette.dierkes@villanova.edu

Did you know? Bernadette won her first art award in kindergarten: a blue ribbon from Omaha, Nebraska’s city-wide poster competition!

Christine Altman


Christine Altman, Assistant Director, Creative

610-519-6338 / christine.altman@villanova.edu

Did you know? Chris is a sculptor who creates large scale environmental installations!

Elizabeth Wood


Elizabeth Wood, Assistant Director, Operations

610-519-4197 / elizabeth.p.wood@villanova.edu

Did you know? Elizabeth has been to Yellowstone National Park seven times!

Michael Giacopetti


Michael Giacopetti, Traffic Manager

610-519-5202 / michael.giacopetti@villanova.edu

Did you know? Mike worked as an extra in the movie Chasing Amy!

Lorraine McCorkle


Lorraine McCorkle, Graphic Designer

610-519-5428 / lorraine.mccorkle@villanova.edu

Did you know? Lorraine worked her way through Moore College of Art as a Unit Secretary in an ER!



Colby Walls, Graphic Designer

610-519-3510 / colby.walls@villanova.edu

Did you know? Colby is an Otter Aficionado (they can juggle!), and as such, maintains Otter-themed office tools and other ephemera. 


Regina Stinger, Creative Services Coordinator

610-519-3909 / regina.stinger@villanova.edu

Did you know? Regina got a "Nice Hat!" from Al Roker outside the Today Show in 2013.


Kellie Lewis, Graphic Designer

610-519-3344 / kellie.lewis@villanova.edu

Did you know? When Kellie isn't working she's home cultivating over 100 varieties of flowers!


Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Graphic Design for digital and print
  • University stock photography concept and management
  • Strategic design concept development

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