Bike Share Registration Form

Fall 2017

Deadline:  Fall registration is open from August 29 to September 5.

Description: Nova Bike Share is designed for students (undergraduate and graduate) with regular biking needs. Biking makes getting around campus and town easy. Students interested in renting a bike can rent for the fall semester, the spring semester, or the whole academic year. The program is free and comes with bike, lock, winter storage, and regular bike maintenance. Proof of a helmet is required to participate in the program. Disclaimer: Unexpected damage to the bike will be charged to the renter, maximum penalty per bike rental is $100.

(to determine the appropriate bike size)
(to help determine appropriate bike size)

Please Note: Submission of this form does not guarantee a bike as supply is limited and a bike may not be available by the time of your submission. Bikes will be distributed in the order the submissions are received. You will be contacted within a week of submission regarding bike availability and pick up. If you don't receive an email or have further questions on the program please email