WXVU Facts

  • The primary purpose of WXVU is to serve as a broadcast service providing information and entertainment programming designed to meet the public interest of the University and surrounding community.
  • WXVU is a fully licensed FSS station operating on 89.1 FM, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sunday mornings. WXVU streams 24/7 online at wxvu.villanova.edu.
  • WXVU Sports broadcasts Villanova Athletics featuring the Villanova Men's and Women's Basketball and Football. Listen online at wxvu.villanova.edu!
  • WXVU has over 80 Villanova students particpating in radio shows during the semester.
  • As reported in the Fall 2013 Student Media Experience survey, WXVU is effective because of the excellent student leadership within the organization. In being a part of the student leadership executive board, students have the opportunity to:
    • Plan and implement a 24 hour broadcast raising money for the annual Special Olyimpics Fall Festival; which is the largest student run Special Olympics program in rhe world!
    • Teach and learn how to run an effective radio show from fellow WXVU DJ's. After completing training students feel very comfortable and confident using audio equipmemt.
    • Have access to WXVU audio production equipment to create WXVU Station ID's, show intros and record shows to create a professional portfolio.
    • Meet WXVu Alumni during the annual WXVU Alumni Homecoming Event!
    • As a member of WXVU, students feel very involved and included in the Villanova community.
  • Students find the experience tremendously rewarding because:
    • They have the freedom of expression. Students play and have access to new music during their own produced radio show. 
    • WXVU DJ's become members of the "sports media' by calling Villanova Basketball and Football games, while also having access to post game press conferences.
    • Gain hands on audio production experience within the media field. Become a member of the WXVU community!
  • The top skills acquired and/or reinforced from being a part of WXVU includes technical knowledge. time management, team work, organization skills and problem solving/critical thinking.