Belle Air Yearbook Facts

  • Since 1922, the students of Villanova Unviersity capture the many faces and stories of the students, faculty and staff at Villanova University.
  • As noted in the Student Media Experience Survey in Fall 2013, students involved with the Belle Air Yearbook find their experience to be very rewarding because:
    • They have the opportunity tio be creative in telling the story of Villanova University.
    • Students get to know what is happening around campus.
    • Students feel involved and included in the Villanova community.
  • From 2010-2013, the Belle Air Yearbook has an average of photograping 1,190 seniors for the Belle Air Yearbook.
  • The top skills acquired and/or reinforced from being a part of the Belle Air Yearbook are: time management, organizational skills, team work, problem solving/critical thinking and technical knowledge.