Rising SO/JR Housing Selection

Housing Selection Process

Step 1 - Complete the Housing Application

In January, returning students will confirm their intent to reside on-campus by completing the housing application and contract online at https://housing.villanova.edu. Students will also be able to enter their preferred roommate(s) as part of the housing application.

1 – How to Complete the Housing Application (Step-by-Step Video) -

2 – How to Add, Drop or Change Roommate Preferences (Video) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNFvu0NhCac

Step 2 - Students Receive a Housing Selection Time

Students who complete the housing application and contract will subsequently be issued a computer-generated random housing selection time. Separate selection times are generated for male and female students. 

Please note: Factors such as previous housing assignment, assignment to a converted triple room, difficulties with roommates, facilities concerns, academic standing, participation in special activities and other factors are not considered when generating selection times.  

Step 3 - Students Select Housing Online at Designated Time

Students will be able to choose their housing assignment and roommate(s) online at https://housing.villanova.edu at their designated housing selection time. The roommate with the earlier selection time will be able to secure housing for himself/herself and all of his/her roommates.

  • Rising Juniors and Seniors will select in February.
  • Rising Sophomores will select in late March/early April.

Please note: The demand to reside in certain halls, especially Sullivan and Sheehan Halls, often exceeds the capacity of those halls.  It is possible that students with a later selection time may not secure their first or second choice of housing. It is important that students have thought about other housing options beyond their first or second choices. 

1- How to Select Rooms in Residence Hall – Not Apartments:


2 - How to Select an Apartment: