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What to Bring and What Not to Bring

Suggested Items to Bring for Living in a Residence Hall

In 2007, Father Peter M. Donohue signed the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment on behalf of Villanova University.  As part of our efforts to be environmentally aware, we encourage members of the Villanova community to join in our continuing commitment to sustainability. This packing list includes suggestions for shopping that take the environment into consideration as well as ‘green’ tips for living on campus.

  • Desk Lamp (Non-Halogen)
  • Floor Lamp (Non-Halogen)
    • Buy and Use: Energy-Star Certified Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Bulbs 
    • Avoid: Incandescent Bulbs that waste energy
  • Personal Toiletries
    • Buy and Use:  Shampoos, soaps, and toothpastes without chemical additives that pollute rivers and streams.  Chemicals to avoid include sodium lauryl sulphate, paraben, phthalates, MIT (methylisothiazolinone), triclosan, tricloband, and/or silicone.
  • Shower Bucket/Shower Shoes
  • Computer
  • Desk/Stationery Supplies
    • Buy and Use: Recycled paper products with high (>50%) post-consumer content
    • Avoid: Non-recycled paper or paper whitened with chlorine or dyes that contribute to global deforestation and pollute rivers and streams.
  • Laundry Supplies
    • Buy and Use: Biodegradable, non-toxic detergents and softeners and/or chlorine-free bleach. Detergents made for cold-water washing save energy and are a great choice.
    • Avoid: laundry detergents and softeners containing phosphates that pollute rivers and streams.
  • Hangers
  • Bed Linens and Pillow 
    • All University mattresses are standard size and can accommodate either extra-long or standard size twin sheets.
    • If you require an extra-long mattress, please click here.
  • Towels / Washcloths
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • First Aid Supplies / Medications
  • Alarm Clock
    • Buy and Use: Single-purpose alarm clocks that consume less energy than multi-purpose models.
  • Surge Protector
    • Buy and Use: Surge Protectors with an On/Off switch, that are Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) approved       
  • Heavy Duty Extension Cord
    • UL approved not rated less than 125 volts / 15 amps
  • Coaxial Cable Cord
  • Wastebasket
    • Buy and Use: Recycled plastic bags with high post-consumer Content (%) or bags made with biodegradable materials.
  • Refrigerator:
  • Small Microwave
  • Plastic Containers with Lids (for proper food storage)
  • Cell Phone 
    • Rooms do not have landline dial tone.  Emergency phones are located on each floor or wing.
  • Window Fan
    • Corr and St. Rita’s Halls are not air conditioned.

Upper-class students residing in the West Campus Apartments can find a more detailed guide to living in the apartments here.

Please DO NOT Bring.....

  • Candles (decorative or functional, wick or no wick)
  • Toaster Ovens or Crock Pots (prohibited in traditional residence halls, permitted in apartments)
  • Hot Plates or Appliiances with exposed heating elements
  • Space Heaters
  • Pets or animals of any kind
  • Halogen Lamps
  • Platform Beds or Lofts
  • Cinder Blocks or any other item designed to raise the height of your bed
  • Wall Mounted Shelves or any other item that requires permanent fixture to walls  or furniture
  • Air Conditioning Units

Tips for Green Living On-Campus

  • Wash your laundry when you have full loads and use cold water cycles to conserve water and energy.
  • Turn your fan and lights off when you leave your room to conserve energy.
  • Do not dispose of medications in the toilet as they pollute rivers and streams.
  • Unplug electronic equipment (i.e., printer, computer, cell phone charger) and appliances (i.e., microwave, hair dryer) when not in use to save energy and reduce phantom loads.
  • Eliminate standby-power consumption by turning your surge protector to the off position before leaving your room; your devices will retain surge protection and you will save energy.
  • Keep recyclable bottles, cans, and papers separate from trash waste in your room to make disposing of them in the large hallway receptacles easier and more convenient.
  • Buy a BPA-Free (Bisphenol-A Free) reusable bottle and coffee mug.  These replace disposable plastic bottles and paper cups for beverages saving energy, raw materials, and money.
  • Use microwavable plates, bowls and mugs instead of disposable ones.