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Safety in Your Apartment

Please be sure to always follow these precautions for your safety:

Fire Safety

Each apartment unit is equipped with a smoke detector, which is connected to the building fire alarm system. When activated the smoke detector will ring locally (in the apartment) for 2.5 minutes, then switch over to the building fire alarm system. In addition, each apartment unit has a sprinkler system, which will be activated in the event of a fire. Candle display or usage is not permitted in the apartments (i.e., all candles, whether decorative or functional, are prohibited).

When the sprinkler system within an apartment unit is activated, the fire alarm system in the building will be triggered. To avoid accidental activation of the sprinklers do not touch, pull on or hang items from sprinklers.

Please observe the following fire safety guidelines:

  • Never leave the room when cooking. Fires can start within seconds.
  • Do not block or prevent the use of room doors, hallways, exit doors and stairwells.
  • Do not tamper with fire safety equipment.
  • All candles, open flames, incense, potpourri burners or other heat producing materials and devices are prohibited.
  • Possession, use or storage of flammable materials is prohibited.
  • Use only UL approved extension cords/multiple-plug attachment. Heavy drawing appliances (irons, hair dryers, televisions) should be plugged directly into socket outlets and unplugged when not in use.
  • Residents should employ the use of surge protectors to protect property from unexpected electrical damage.
  • Review and be familiar with the fire exit plan posted on your floor.
  • Evacuate the building when the fire alarm system is activated. Remember: You are not the only apartment unit in the building.

Securing Your Apartment

The safety and security of your apartment unit and building largely depends on you. Each apartment building is equipped with Wildcard Access Systems to ensure your security. Your apartment unit is equipped with a card-access, key or combination lock. These systems will only be effective, if you utilize the following guidelines:

  • Do not let unknown persons into the building. Many times non-residents will follow you into the building. Please ask these individuals to contact their friends to facilitate entry.
  • Always keep your apartment door locked - do not prop your door open.
  • Keep your apartment windows locked.

Even with the most sophisticated security systems, thefts can occur. We encourage you to review your family's insurance policies to see if your on-campus residence is covered and have coverage extended to your belongings here. Alternately, you might consider purchasing renter's insurance.  Villanova University assumes no responsibility for the loss, destruction or theft of students' personal possessions at any time, including those times when students are attending or absent from the University.

For Your Safety

For your safety and security, please use the following telephone numbers for the Department of Public Safety:

Public Safety Emergency: 610-519-4444

Public Safety Non-Emergency: 610-519-6979